Four Types of Men A Woman Should Never Date

Dating is fun, but it becomes annoying when you date a wrong man and even becomes a nightmare when you ignore the warning signs and marry such man.No matter long you have been single, how lonely you may feel it is better you get a hobby or find a pet than to going into a wrong date. To save yourself from the stress, anger, headache and heartbreak say no to this kind of men.

1. Mr. Quick to say “I love you.”
His connections and emotions with other people are Skin-deep. One of the things that will likely attract you to this kind of man is how quick he says “I love you” and “I want to marry you.”Within a month of dating, he will keep on telling saying “you are the love of his life.” He will shower you with gifts, many promises, calls and romantic messages that he copied and pasted from the internet. You will be flattered and would think he is the right one. But babe, Think again! All these are red flags because a man who truly loves you will take is time to develop the relation from a friend to a girlfriend. The right man will take time to know a lot of information about you before promising to marry you. Kindly note that the Mr. Quick to say “I love you” is offering fake love. His emotion is superficial and in it only takes a matter of time for before he detaches from you.

2. Mr. Always Broke
At first, this kind of man doesn’t thinking twice before he deep his hand into his pocket to spend on you. He will take you on shopping and get you a lot of fancies, but all these are just pretense to deceive you that he is rich. When weeks start dating him, he becomes perpetually broke and turns you into his ATM. Do not be fooled by someone who showers you with expensive gifts at the beginning of a relationship. Most time this kind of man lives on credit and spend beyond their mean, and then start dating him you will end up paying for every single Naira he spent on you and even more. The painful thing about this type of man is that he will break your heart and also eat up your savings.

3. Mr. Me, Myself and I
He is incredibly selfish and highly obsessed with himself, and everything must be about him- never you. In almost every single conversation, he will always talk about himself, his accomplishes and give little or no time to speak. The only you do is to boost his ego by praising and smiling whenever he talks. This kind of man lack empathy and would criticize or embarrass you in public. He is rude, proud and loud and you will notice it in the way he talks to the waiters when you go on a date, runoff, and abuse other drivers while on the road. He thinks he is the best thing after sliced bread.

4. Mr. Controlling and Jealous
He is overprotective, possessive and over regulating. He will do everything possible to control you. He is very insecure and would continuously keep track of you. At every slight opportunity, he would want to go through your message and call logs. He is immature and very quick to anger.

Heartbreak in disguise
These four types of men are charming and sweet-mouthed- they are good at stealing women’s heart and shattering it into pieces and before you realize what is happening you will find yourself locked up in your room listing heartbreak songs and crying all day.



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