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Formular One: Is This The Year For Bottas?

Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas zoomed past team mate Lewis Hamilton into the first corner as he cantered to the chequered flag to win the first grand prix of 2019, the Australian Grand Prix.

Bottas started the race behind Hamilton in pole, but it was the Finn who led into the first corner with an excellent start guiding him into first position past his team-mate, eventually finishing more than 20 seconds clear.

“How about that?!” he said on the radio after taking the victory.

The excited Mercedes man then went on to say in the post race interview:

“I don’t know what just happened. I don’t know what to say, the start was really good.

“The car was so good today, it was truly enjoyable. It was definitely my best race ever. I can’t wait for the next race.”

It is certainly a good start for the Finn after he had a pretty torrid 2018. Although his team, Mercedes won the championship last year, Bottas himself had no race titles to his name. he always used to fall short of his British team mate – even when he is leading. You will recall that his closest chance of winning a race last year came in the Russian Grand Prix where he was leading ahead of Hamilton. However, he was given team orders to slow down and let Hamilton win the race. Although it was a good victory for the team, it perfectly summed up the tough season for Bottas.

But after just the first race this year, things are already looking much better for the Finn. Coming in just 0.118 seconds behind Hamilton in the heat, Bottas took the course without holding back, made the fastest lap and won the race over 20 seconds ahead of the World Champion.

Even Hamilton said:

Valtteri drove an incredible race today and truly deserved the win today.”

Bottas has now taken his fourth career win and also, he won the extra point for the race’s fastest lap which has been reintroduced this season.

Maybe this could be his year?



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