Food related family Traditions that could help keep your family together

Traditions and ceremonies tell the story of a family best and on a large scale, it can teach youngsters where their family originated from or give them bits of knowledge into their social or religious history. On a smaller scale it holds the family closer together with warm memories to keep everyone cozying up to the next person.

With regards to food, every family has traditions and rituals. Regardless of whether they be passed down from ages, or created as the family develops. Here are some food related family traditions to strengthen that vital family bond.

Even if it’s not rice a lot of people still refer to it as such. It’s a week after week fixture in most Nigerian homes. The expectation of the customary dish (whichever it is) after any social gathering makes each Sunday complete for a few. For other people, only the delight of setting up the delicacy and imparting it to the family or neighbors does the enchantment.

This one is for the books. So everyone is at home on the weekends and they begin normally. Yet, when someone shouts “switch,” the awful habits come out! We burp, slump, put our feet up on the table, and simply act silly. At another point another person states ‘switch’ once more, and everybody return directly to good habits. We all have a laugh and drink our cups.

During supper before eating, everyone rises, glasses in hand, “Good health! Much obliged to you for our family!”, Though that’s not the only statement allowed, you can always add style to yours by reading a short poem or say a joke, just don’t get too funny giving everyone indigestion.

It doesn’t snow in Nigeria and most African countries but you can always practice this ritual wherever and however. Set your porch, or assemble your very own table. To make a superb atmosphere, place a couple of candles on the table and string Christmas lights,(Christmas or not)from an umbrella or from bushes around the yard. Serve a hot feast, and your family will before long be chuckling at one another.

Some families use “designer plates” some others are more concerned about the color of the plates, but all families with this food tradition always inscribe the words “You Are Special” to praise birthday events, achievements, or even great conduct.

In any case, you shouldn’t have to bother with that plate to begin this custom; any exceptional bit of flatware should do. I know a family that uses big plates filled with food to the brim particularly for a slim member of the family. Different families utilize a blue plate and consider it the “Blue Plate Special.” However you do it, that’s yet another cord added to the family bond.


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