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Food lovers gather here! Get to know the 10 Nigerian foods that are rich in protein and you should consume more often

10 food with protein that you need more often.

Food lovers gather here! Get to know the 10 Nigerian foods that are rich in protein and you should consume more often

Do you know that if you eat the 10 foods listed below, you will feel more full for longer? High protein foods aid in weight loss and help to firm your abs and thighs.

Just balance your carbs right and you are well on your journey to eating healthy.

  • Titus Sardines:

If you remember your Food and Nutrition class, you will definitely remember that Fish is generally a great source of protein. I know I should have just said fish instead of Titus sardines (seeing as they are expensive now) but I was thinking of how convenient they are because they come in those little tins and there is no extra work of removing the scales.

  • Goat Meat:


Isi Ewu for the culture. A little meat is almost 50% of the protein that the average adult needs per day and it is known that Goat meat is a great source of protein and many other beneficial nutrients like iron. So the next time you have an opportunity to rep the culture, please do.

  • Akara, Moi Moi, or just plain beans:

Beans is another wonderful Nigerian food that is high in protein and there are so many amazing ways to prepare our beans. It can even be cooked as soup for whatever swallow you have in mind. It vegetarian-friendly and possesses epic levels of fibre.

  • Groundnuts:

You know groundnut is multidimensional, it can be eaten on its own, with garri, boli or cooked as soup. I mean, what else do you want from a nut? Groundnuts are also a great option for vegetarians

  • Milk:

Even though Milk can be fattening, it is another wonderful source of protein. Bodybuilders are famous for drinking so much of it because they want to look good and they know that protein is a key ingredient to reaching their goals.

  • Crayfish (Dried):

Even though condition na e make crayfish bend, it does not stop it from containing a good amount of protein and making it a good addition to any self-respecting pot of soup.

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  • Eggs:

Boiled eggs, fried eggs,  egg sauce. Eggs are one of Nigeria’s most versatile food and is exceptionally high in protein. Please note that even though they are highly nutritious they can be full of calories because of the yolk. To help yourself, separate the yolk from the white and eat just the white.

  • Quaker Oats:

We cannot mention Nigerian foods high in protein and not say this. Even though it is technically not a Nigerian food. It’s a great choice for breakfast particularly because of the benefit of helping to keep hunger away for long.


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