Follow Your Passion and Do Not Worry About The Money, It Will Flow


Successful people has found out that when they step out to find their true calling, money come to them very easily. Sticking to their vision brings their dreams forward. Indeed, as the saying that goes, “Find what you love to do for a living and the money will follow”. In short, work at something that you can do for free and the money will come.

Take Donald Trump for example. Donald Trump is a name that represents opulence and wealth. But Donald Trump didn’t start out as wealthy as he is now.

He first started out by learning the real estate development business that his father was into. Donald found that he had a knack and a passion for it. He gained his businesses and his wealth essentially by taking properties that had low value, and imagining them to have lots of value.

He was and still is a visionary, and that is why he has amassed the wealth that he has.

However, Donald Trump did not stop there. He decided to not only be a great real estate developer, but to brand himself, his name, and his personality. He now even has a star on the Hollywood Wall of Fame, which is usually reserved for entertainers.


Donald always had the vision to become more than what was required or that is expected of him out of a passion for what he does. As a result of this, a lot of people are so familiar with Donald Trump “the brand”, that they forget that he is first and foremost a real estate developer.

Another visionary was a young college boy that had the audacity to start a record label out of his college dorm. The record label featured a new music medium called rap. This music was known, but it certainly wasn’t the billion-dollar industry that it is now.

That college boy was Rick Rubins, and he together with Russel Simmons started Def Jam Records. At the time, they had 3 primary acts. Those acts were young New York guys who didn’t have much money, but had talent and a dream. Those acts were Run DMC, LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys. All of these acts now are entertainment legends, and Def Jam Records has been sold to Island records for millions of dollars.


Keep in mind that this was a college dorm operation at first. But then again, Bill Gates started Microsoft with his buddies out of his garage. Dominoes Pizza was started with a few hundred dollars that was borrowed from friends and family.

Another good example is Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO.


There are many tales of people who had nothing but a dream and great ideas, and turned those into untold millions of dollars. They believed in their dreams, and the right to fulfill those dreams.

What about you? Do you want to be like these people? You can, but you need to put your dreams into motion, and believe that you deserve to prosper from your dreams, and not simply work for some other person’s dream.


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