Follow These 10 Easy Ways to Say, “I Love You” To Your Kids and Thanks Us Later

Follow These 10 Easy Ways to Say “I Love You” To Your Kids and Thanks Us Later

We’re teaching our kids to be consumers at an early age. Look at the number of superhero and product endorsement Valentines on the store shelves.

We, as parents, are sucked in by the media to believe that we need the latest, greatest gadget or fad for our kids. There are many things you could do that will let your kids understand how much you love them. Kids are more sensitive these computer ages, so you have to come up with something more attractive to offer them right? NO… just spend more time with them and it would eventually be the best thing they would get from you as parent.

Share your love by giving of your time, not your pocketbook. What can you give your kids instead?

Here are 10 simple suggestions:

1. Slip a handmade valentine or a simple note into your child’s lunch box.

2. Take a walk together in your favorite park.

3. Jot down a line from your favorite poem. Share it with family members.

4. Kiss your kids goodnight.

5. Read a chapter book together.

6. Have family dinnertime together.

7. Turn off the TV. Have a popcorn night and rent and watch a movie together.

8. Have a picnic in the park instead of stopping for a fast meal on the way home.

9. Have each family member write down one reason why they appreciate every other family member. Write your reasons on a tag and use ribbon to attach them to a batch of your favorite cookies. Let every family member find his own special cookies.

10. Help your kids write a letter to a family member who lives far away. Write the first few lines of a story and instruct the recipient to write the next, and then return the letter. Your story can continue indefinitely.

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This year, instead of store bought presents, give the gift of time spent together.


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