Five Most Used Props In Afro-Beats Music Videos


Afrobeat is the sound of music in Africa, and it has evolved from being just a music genre to a culture. Pioneered by Fela Kuti in the 1960s, Afrobeat is adored by both the young and the old, and it is trendy in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania. One thing that makes Afro beat standout is the leg shaking beats and videos.
Afrobeat videos are exciting, well crafted and as birth, great dance moves like “Kukere,” “Shoki,” “Shaku Shaku,” and most recently the “Zanku” dance. In recent times, some props now define a “good” Afrobeat video. These props have now become an identity, and if a video is lacking such accessories, it is considered lame.

Here the most used prop in today’s Afrobeats music videos:

1. Money

All over Africa, money is the most used prop in almost every Afrobeat music videos. Flaunting a stack of cash is inseparable with Afrobeat artists in the music video even the newcomers who haven’t sold out an album do the same too. When you watch Afrobeat music videos, you are likely to see the artists throwing money in the air or displaying money ostentatiously. The reason why money is a frequently used prop in Afrobeat video is that the artists want the audience to assume they are rich even if they are not. They use different currencies most especially pound and dollars.


2. Expensive Cars

Afrobeat artists are fond of riding in Luxurious cars like Porsche, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Cadillac, etc. Many audiences tend to believe such artists owns these cars. But in most cases, they were rented. Afrobeat artists use luxurious cars in their music videos to make the public see them as super wealthy, and they can afford anything money could buy.

3. Jewelry

In today’s world, an Afrobeat music video is not complete without the artist him displaying his expensive diamond chain, bracelet or wristwatches. Some of this artist even go the length of encrusting diamonds in their teeth. While some have the money to buy it, many rents this “bling-bling” to show off.


4. Champagne

Afrobeat artist always wants to pass a message to its audience that they are rich, so they tend to use expensive champagne in their music videos. They do not necessarily drink the champagnes: In most cases, they use it in washing their hands. The most common brands of champagne use are Moet, Chandon, and Perignon.


5. Marijuana

Since it was pioneered by a man who eats, sleep and breathe marijuana, many Afrobeat artist like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Olamide, Davido, etc. have resorted to smoking marijuana as a means of inspiration. These ar


tists don’t only smoke this substance in their closet; they even go to the extent of displaying it on their music videos. Although so many people frown over the display of marijuana, it is still ubiquitous to see a lighter and a wrap in their hands.



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