Five Most Amazing Acts of Kindness by People

In the world we live in today, it is easy to get weighed down by all the unpleasant things that happen around us. From news about wars and terrorism, to earthquakes and economic problems, the world may appear to be a terrible place.

But that is now always true. There is good in the world and people that are always looking to give their all to make a positive difference.

Time and time again, there have been stories about people who have done selfless deeds and shown to others that there is still hope for mankind. We have together a list of five amazing acts of kindness by people to help us always remember that the world still has good in it.

  1. The Breast feeding Police Officer

In Buenos Aires, Argentina august last year, Officer Celeste Ayala was among a team of officers that rescued six siblings from a home reported to be in “dismal condition”. The rescued children including a 7-month old baby were taken to the hospital for checkup when the baby started crying. Being a nursing mother herself, Officer Celeste didn’t think twice before breastfeeding the hungry wailing child, with the permission of the hospital staff of course.

This heartwarming act of kindness did not go unnoticed as she was later widely celebrated and even promoted to a sergeant rank by the head of the province where she served.

  1. The Real Sporting Spirit

The 2016 Olympic games held in Rio, Brazil, witnessed a stunning act of kindness that fully embodied the spirit of sportsmanship. In the woman’s 5,000-meter heat competition, New Zealand sprinter Nikki Hamblin tripped and brought down American runner Abbey D’Agostino. Rather than standing up and continuing the race, Hamblin decided to help D’Agostino to her feet.

The American had twisted her leg in the fall and even when she fell again, Hamblin remain by her side, helping her till they crossed the finish line together.

The women were given a special Olympic commendation for their extraordinary show of sportsmanship, especially Hamblin.

  1. The 300 Birthday Party Guests

Clocking 10 years is a major milestone in the life of any child and it should be a memorable day. That was what Mackenzie Moretter had in mind for her 10th birthday party until all her 10 invited guests declined. Mackenzie, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder which caused brain damage and led to low levels of development and problems socializing, was staring at the worst birthday party ever till her mum stepped in. Her mum put out a Facebook plea which went viral and led to over 300 people attending the birthday party, including local stars. She got a fully sponsored party instead with her city’s mayor declaring the 18th of April, 2015 as the “Mackenzie Moretter Day”.

  1. The Australian Whale Rescuers

When 17 Long-finned pilot whales got stranded on a beach at Hamelin Bay, Australia in 2009, 58 volunteers came out and pulled resources together to make sure the whale remained alive. The volunteers worked against time, doing everything possible to ensure the survival of the whales before they were introduced back into the sea.

  1. The Foster Dad

In Los Angeles, USA, a man called Mohamed Bzeek takes care of terminally ill children in the foster care system. He adopts them and nurtures them till the inevitable happens. This heart melting gesture according to Mohamed is because the sick children also have feeling and nobody else would take them. He started taking care of sick children since 1989 with his wife and even though his wife died a few years later, he has continued being a father to the children no one else wants to father.

By these heart melting acts of kindness I have listed above, I hope you have had your faith in mankind restored. There is good in the world, there is good in every man. Find that good. And if you can’t find it, be the good to people around you.

You never know whose life you might be changing.



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