Five misconceptions about people from Niger Delta

Niger Delta is a bubbling region suited in Nigeria, and it often regarded the life wire of the country due to its oil production. Over the years, there has been some common misconception about people from this region, mainly because of what they have heard from friends and celebrities. But before you conclude and spread wrong information, get your facts right! Well, I have compiled a list of some of the common misconceptions people have about Niger Deltans

1. They are rugged
Many people believe that those who come from Niger Delta are stubborn and rugged because of stories they have heard on how tough it is to live and stay in Niger Delta, but that is false. Not everyone in this region is rugged; there are many gentle people out a good example is Richard Mofe Damijo.

2. They can’t speak proper English
Since pidgin English is dominant in this part of the country, many believe people Niger Delta can only speak pidgin and are terrible when it comes to speaking good English. Well, that is nonsense! People from Naija Delta speak good English more and by a stretch are way better than what you think. Ask Helen Paul or Timi Dakolo.

3. They are foul mouthed
This impression is gotten from the fact that abusive phrases like “mumu,” “your father” etc. originated from Niger Delta, so therefore everyone living in that region is quick at throwing insults. Well, this is wrong! The tendency of being abusive depends on the individual and not the area.

4. They are kleptomaniac
Many believe people from Warri, Bayelsa, Edo, and environs can’t stop themselves from stealing and to worsen the issue, comedians like Gordons, I go dye and AY always this phrase “Anywhere Warri person enter something must miss.” It doesn’t sound funny one bit, and instead, it spoils the image of people from Niger Delta. It is not everybody that grew up in the street of Warri or the crooks of Bayelsa that are pickpockets or armed robbers. The tendency to steal depends on the individual and not were he or she came from.

5. They are dull
This is false! Niger Delta has produced talented writers, musicians, lawyers, athlete, doctors, actors like Richard Mofe Damijo, Professor Tanure Ojaide, Eric Arubayi, to name a few. If all these names are not familiar to you, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will ring a bell.

So there you have it, five misconceptions about people from Niger Delta. Niger Delta is a beautiful and bubbling part of Nigeria you should visit. The people are friendly, and their food is delicious. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with friends and family.



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