Five Deadliest Tourist Attraction Sites

In the quest to have fun, a lot of people live on the edge. Thes people would never travel unless there is a great deal of adventure involved. the kind of adventure that would literally make your heart stop. Are you one of such people? You should visit these places next.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Nicknamed the ”shark capital of the world”, this spot has about 250 sharks recorded in history. These sharks have also been known to shark humans from time to time. Although, most attacks did not result in deaths, it’s still quite dangerous.


Half Dome, Yosenite National Park

Offers you one of the most dangerous hikes in Yosenite National park. to get to the peak, a full day’s trek is required, with the help of metal cables.


Cliff of Moher, Ireland’s county clare

There have been unknown number of deaths here. Yet, this cliff attracts over a million visitors per year.


Kilauea Volcano

Found on the big island in Hawaii, this volcano is said to have over 40 deaths per decade due to hazards associated with lava, mix of gasses and so on.


Coloraldo River

In 2014, about 15 deaths were recoded here, because of the dangers associated with rough waters and heavy rains.

There you have it. Five no-go-to spots!


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