First Trip By Plane? Here are 7 Things You Should Know

The first time you fly on a plane is bound to be a memorable experience.

The first time you fly on a plane is bound to be a memorable experience. Most people do not forget their experience the first time they get on that self-propelled winged metal and take to the air. It is exhilarating.

However, as a first time flyer, you are bound to get a few first time jitters. You may not know exactly how the system works so you may make some mistakes. But that is why we are here, to help you know what to expect. So let’s go right into it; if it’s your first time on a plane, here are 7 things you should know:

  1. Know your terminal

This is very important, especially for international flights. And also if you are flying from a large airport, then you must know the right terminal that you’re flying with.

  1. Know What is Allowed on the plane

Yeah, this is important too. You do not want to get embarrassed for bringing the wrong thing into a plane. So before getting on, find out the things that are allowed and not allowed on the flight. Also, know what is classified as carry-on luggage (the type you can take with you to your seat) and checked luggage. Be aware of the weight limit too.

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

As it is your first time on a plane, you wouldn’t want anything to add to the jitters you already have. Therefore, you should wear clothes that you are quite comfortable in. Also, if it’s a long flight, be aware that the air conditioning on planes could be quite cold, so always keep a sweater or warm cloth close by.

  1. Know The Order Of boarding the plane.

Okay, this is sure to happen with first time fliers. You might not know how the process before finally boarding. Well here it is. From the check-in, to the luggage check, then the security checkpoint, before moving to the boarding area. Remember to hold on to your boarding pass as you’d need it, and your passport for international flights.

  1. Your devices should be on airplane mode

Once you get on the plane, you should put your devices on airplane mode. There is a reason why they call it airplane mode you know

  1. Don’t get scared

You may experience a few things on your first flight, maybe a little turbulence (shaking) in flight or a little weightlessness when the plane takes off, or a little bump/thud feeling when the plane’s tires touches the runway when landing, don’t fret. It’s absolutely normal. However, if you get a sick feeling during flight, do not hesitate to alert the cabin crew/air hostesses for help.

  1. The food is free

Yup! Everything you are given on the plane is courtesy of the airline. So it’s free.

And a few extra tips;

  • Get a neck pillow in case it’s a long flight.
  • A window seat is just sublime, try to get one and enjoy the view.
  • Finally, remember to stay hydrated all through your flight. It’s very important.



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