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Fine boy! Fine boy!! Let us confirm this your fineness sef. Shall We?

Dear Fine boy, have you been confirmed by us?

Fine boy! Fine boy!! Let us confirm this your fineness sef. Shall We?

I know you check yourself out in the mirror sometimes and just appreciate the work of art that you are. This is not a bad thing because if you do not praise yourself, who will?

That aside if we say the truth, are you really fine? Abi you just dey try?

The business of being fine is not for everybody.

This post is going to help you solve this very simple issue by giving you 6  hints and if any of them occur or keep occurring with you then you know of a truth who you are.

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For the sake of this post, we will use ladies as the determining factor. We all know that your fellow guys will not agree that you are fine.

  • Ladies act shy around you: See ehn when your fineness wants to finish a lady, she will now start acting like a schoolgirl where you are concerned. If she keeps smiling, blushing and fluttering her eyelids, my guy you have made the SBA list.
  • When you keep making eye contact: You know that moment when you and a lady male eye contact, you turn and you can still feel her eyes on you, you check subtly and yes, she is looking right at you. Uncle, let me just tell you congratulations right here because not everybody is on the same category as you. This is a sign that your Fineness is sitting comfortably at strong.
  • She constantly pops up on your Instagram: She watches you IG video, is a constant is checking your stories, she always likes your post(even the one that you did not think anyone should like) she comments on your posts and tells you how good looking you are with smileys. Sir, I am here hailing you because it is obvious she classifies you a fine boy.
  • People take a second look at you: Sometimes, they even take a third. You take care of your hair, have a great face structure and then you top it off with a smile, how shall thee not be checked upon? Even without seeing you, I have taken a third look.
  • People want to get close to you: At the point when individuals or specifically ladies attempt to get close to you, it implies you are alluring and they need to be close to you.  It is impossible to let a fine boy be alone when you can keep him company abi how you see am?
  • Ladies like you or they hate you: Think about it very well. How many people dislike for no reason apparent? Now, how many women dislike you for no reason? You see. You find women carrying on conversations with you respectfully and their friends abhor or speak rudely to you. This my dear friend is a sign that you truly are an alluring man


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