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Find Out The Old Ways Couples Have Used To Bond in The Past

Let’s go back to the basics.

Find Out The Old Ways Couples Have Used To Bond in The Past

Before the time of Tinder and stalking social media to find common interests before a big date, people actually used to bond by getting to know one another.

Nowadays, the old fashioned bonding methods for couples have sunk. For instance, some couples result to liking their partner’s pictures on Instagram or Facebook as a way to show affection or opt to give a gift card instead of writing a poem or love letter.

Being in a relationship with someone means you promise to share your life with theirs so why not take it up a notch by doing some old-school stuff to become closer with your partner.

Spend Quality Time Without Technology: While there’s nothing wrong with Technology in itself, sitting next to your partner on the couch, scrolling on Instagram is not a healthy definition of “quality time.” Before cell phones were a thing, couples used to dialogue and converse with each other, It does so much to recharge intellectual intimacy which is sometimes lacking in partners today.

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Write Them A Letter: Even though confessing your love for your partner on Instagram is often times tagged as #CoupleGoals. You’ll find out that it probably means so much to them if you sincerely express your emotions to them through a letter. Nowadays we text, but that’s easy and quick. A hand-written love letter shows that you took the time to think out what to write and to actually write it.

Create A Mixtape: Back in the days, sending mix-tapes of love songs was a thing to do with your partner. You can still do the same for your partner today by making a playlist and sending it to them through email. More like a modern twist on an old-school tradition. Surprise your partner with meaningful love songs that convey your feelings for him or her.

Play Board Games: Play board games in which you both learn something about one another. You can tag it as a date night which can bring out you and your partner’s competitive spirit, which is another great way to flirt with them and keep the relationship on its toes.

Try Something Completely New: Do something neither one of you has experienced before. You both can discover things about yourself and be vulnerable when you don’t know something, which can be an opening to something wonderful for both of you. Whatever you decide to do with your partner, make sure you both are up for it.


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