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Festivals That Will Make You Want To Visit Spain

Travelling to Spain anytime soon, check out some of these festivals and see if you can attend any of them.

Festivals That Will Make You Want To Visit Spain

There are hundreds of festivals held every year in Spain, celebrating all sorts of different things from music to religion to food. Spain definitely knows how to throw a party, from the traditional cultural to the more modern music festival. Here’s a list of some Spanish festivals you could attend when you’re visiting Spain.

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  1. Feria de Tarifa, Tarifa, SeptemberOnce every year, 80 horses march through the famous Puerta de Jerez in Tarifa. This hotspot for aquatic sports celebrates its most important festival in September. They kick off with the religious procession of the Virgin Mary. People from all ages ride the horses through the gate, looking dandy in their suits.

    After the procession, most people head out to the fairgrounds, where the people eat as there are tons of food options, drink and put their kids in various amusement rides. There are six more nights before the Feria ends.

  2. La Tomatina, Buñol, AugustThis is one of the world’s largest food fight as 20,000 locals, Spaniards, and international thrill seekers fill the tiny streets of this normally sleepy town and await the arrival of several trucks delivering 120,000 pounds of over-ripe tomatoes. Once the starting gun fires, you have one hour to cause havoc with the tomatoes.
  3. Gracia Festival, Barcelona, AugustBarcelona is a city which loves to party and the biggest, and best party is the week-long Gracia Festival, every August. There are parties all day and night, and the street decorations here are second to none. Health & safety goes out of the window as masked devils chase the public through the streets with fireworks banging and whizzing around their ears. Part thrilling, part terrifying, you haven’t been to a Barcelona Festival until you’ve run from the devil.
  4. San Fermin, Pamplona, JulyThis festival is commonly referred to as the Running of the Bulls and it commences on the 6th July and wraps up on the 14th. Each day (from the 7th of July), crazy men and women attempt to outrun six large bulls through a short course of the streets of Pamplona. As expected, there are always numerous injuries and even random fatality. The week isn’t just daily bull runs; there are also bullfights, raucous street parties, live brass band processions, sangria fights and a final gathering in the square with singing and fireworks.
  5. La Batalla de Vino, Haro, JuneEach year on June 29, people descend in crowds in the heart of Spain’s wine-producing La Rioja region, to wage war with wine. The tradition is to walk up a nearby hill to begin the wine fight armed with squirt guns, bug sprayers, and even big buckets full of red wine. It doesn’t take long for everyone to become completely soaked to the core with it.
  6. Sitges Carnival, Sitges, FebruaryEvery year, more than 250,000 people descend on the beautiful whitewashed town of Sitges, a stunning seaside town is transformed into an extravagant and exhilarating party for an entire week during carnival. Between stunning whitewashed Mediterranean buildings, you find thousands of people dressed in colourful costumes, the costumes range from colourful to scary. The great thing about Sitges carnival is, it’s kid and family friendly.


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