Feel Like Cheering up a Male Colleague From Your Work?

Follow these tips


What can you do if one of your male colleagues from work is a little sad?

Here are some tips on how to cheer him up:

1. Spread a good rumor about him. Tell some of his colleagues good things about him. Be sure to talk to the ones that you know will get the word out. This way you are 100% sure that he is going to hear about it.

2. Go and tell him something like “I heard Tinuke telling Sandra that she thinks you look nice.” This will cheer him up. Make sure you are talking about someone he likes/admires.

3. Talk to his boss (if possible) and tell him that your colleague is feeling a little blue and that he may need some cheering up. Maybe your boos could say something good (something that truly likes about this colleague) in front of a couple of people. Make sure that your colleague is around to hear what his boss is saying about him.

4. Talk to him about last night’s game. This is only in case he loves some kind of sport. If not, do not do this. WARNING! Do not do this with someone that lost a football bet the other night. It is very dangerous!

5. Call his wife/girlfriend and tell her that he is a little down and ask her if she could give him a call or something and try to cheer him up. In most cases, she will know how to cheer your colleague.


6. Start a joke contest between yourself and your colleague. However tells the most jokes has to buy the other one 2 bottles of drink after work. This could get very interesting and others could join your game and make it even funnier.

You could also do this by email so that your boss doesn’t see you. Send him a joke by email and tell him to respond with another joke. This will get the fire started.

7. If you like something about this guy: the way he dresses or something else, compliment him. You might appreciate him by saying, How far Tunde, Your tie looks good on you. You always have the coolest ties in this office. Not even our boss could beat you at that one.”  Mind you, do not overdo it.

8. Tell him he’s handsome even if he looks like a monkey. Not encouraging you to lie but you can make fun of him by telling him that. Don’t over do it, just tell him in a respective manner. That would make him feel good.

All these would help raise his shoulders and be happy for the day and maybe throughout the week.


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