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Fashion Tips For Women of 50+ and Above

Grandma, are you thinking of uping your fashion game? I got you momma. I really do

Fashion Tips For Women 50+ and Above

Mummy wa. Yes, you. No, don’t look back, it’s you gan gan. This post is for women of your age. I know that Whatsapp BC is usually where your strength lies but I am glad you are with us today. I just want to advise/ borrow you some certain tips that I think will be useful to your look as you step out. Age is only a number and you are only as old as you feel you are, period.

It is time to abandon the typical grandmother look and say hello to chic, modern-day grand momma

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Are you ready?

  1. If you like solid and bold colours, go for it. As long as you are comfortable with it and are confident carrying it, we do not mind and give you a thumbs up for this.
  2. Instead of tight and clingy clothes, try a lacy camisole underneath a low V-neck. You can also pick up wrap dresses, no one can stop you as they flatter every body type and all ages.
  3. Remember to pick the right underwear for your body type. Sadly, gravity isn’t our friend as we age and hence the fit of your underclothes is very important.
  4. Classic blazers can be paired with a sari or a western outfit for women of your age to give you that chic feel and oomph. It does not have to be boring because you are getting old
  5. A black ensemble or a pantsuit is also a good way to turn heads as you age. Give them some pantsuits in print and see as heads turn when you enter.
  6. Denim- as Jens. Yes, a well-fitted pair is a must-have for you women of your age. Do not dull yourself o. If you do not give them, how will they take it?
  7. Because you are getting old, you definitely need the right shoes. High heels, boots and all of those are not to be worn anymore. If you need a little added height, wearing a comfortable wedge sandal will do the trick.
  8. Accessorize Ma. Do not let anybody dim your glimmer and shine. Women are known for adorning themselves, so wear the best of pearls and gold. Just make sure it is moderate as too much will take the beauty away from it.
  9. Play with monotone neutral shades and nudes. A neutral-toned top a with a pair of dark brown trousers would be perfect. You can add a chunky statement neck-piece to seal the deal.

All in all, this is my advice, do and wear what you are comfortable with. You are the right age and impressing anybody is not on your TO DO List anymore.


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