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Fashion Tips Every Plus Sized Woman Should Know (PART 2)

Here is the concluding part of the fashion tips every plus sized woman should know.

Fashion Tips Every Plus Sized Woman Should Know (PART 2)

Like we said in the first part of this post here, there is so much figuring out how to start when it comes to the plus-size woman and fashion.

Magazines and mainstream media have been the one telling what to do, or how to do it. The intention of this post is to help to change the narrative and also help you do it easier if you are plus-sized.

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  1. Prints are allowed because they are playful and fun: A bold print can be a mood changer. Depending on what areas of your body that you love, place the print on the area you do not mind the attention, as the human eye will naturally gravitate there. Also, if you want to make that area look smaller, a bolder and bigger scaled print will do.
  2. Forget what the size tag says, focus on if it fits you: The only person who will see the size of your clothing is you and anybody you show it to or tell. Some brands go for tailored looks while others have different fit methods so you are not alone here. As long as it fits great, whatever size is on the inside will be okay.
  3. Experiment, Experiment, Explore: Play in bold patterns and prints, embrace more separates. You never know what you really like or love without actually doing it. You may realize that you love your legs in midi skirts, your arms in cap sleeves, or your legs in shorts. You never know until you try.
  4. To nail or not to nail it: I am always for team nail it because there are some days where you feel a little ordinary and having your nails done automatically makes you feel dressed up or feel a little bit fancier. Find something that does it for you and have fun with it.
  5. Challenge yourself with a new trend: Try whatever new trend you want, just because you can. They may be the best thing since agege bread and you don’t even know because you will not try. What will it hurt to test it out, try it on, and give it a go?
  6. Make a statement with whatever you wear: You can make a statement with your hair, shoe, ring, bracelets or even makeup. Whatever it is, you should allow it to do the talking for you when you want it to.
  7. Have Fun: At the end of the day, there should be a bit of fun and self-expression. It should not be shrouded in rules, boxes, and hindrances. Be open, step outside your box, and explore.These few plus size fashion tips should help you along your way to being fab baby girl.

Happy with these few tips? Let’s see your reactions below. Thanks for reading!


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