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Fashion Tips Every Plus-Sized Woman Should Know (PART 1)

Here are a few tips that will help every plus sized lady

Fashion Tips Every Plus Sized Woman Should Know (PART 2)

There is so much figuring out how to start especially for the plus-size woman and fashion. Just because magazines and mainstream media have been the one telling what to do, or how to do it. This post will help to change the narrative and also help you see this and do it easier if you are plus-sized.

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  1. Forget what plus size fashion WAS and embrace what it is today: This one here can be a bit of a challenge. We have been accustomed to only specific styles and certain options. We now have new designers and retailers who cater to our style and desires, and the platforms to speak out on what we want, like, and need!
  2. KNOW your measurements: BUST. WAIST. HIPS, make sure you have this on lockdown. It is imperative that YOU know your measurements NOT just in clothing, but bras and our calf sizes. Bring out the measuring tape whenever you are not sure about the fits.
  3. Toss out the old rules: The rules that include Don’t show your belly. No horizontals. No patterns. Black is slimming. Don’t wear items that are body conscious, Yen Yen Yen. With all of these rules, how can you enjoy the progression of plus size fashion today
  4. Play with colours: Color is proven to affect, change, and alter one’s mood. Happiness can be produced with Yellow. Blue is calming and relaxing. Red is a sassy colour that makes you pop. Just find a colour that is yours.
  5. Find an accessory style that works for you: I personally have a thing for rings. The bigger, the gaudier, the edgier- the better but I occasionally do small ones for the culture. Everyone has a signature, whether we notice or care, it is there. Find it- that finishing touch that defines you and work it girl.
  6. Have your own tailor: Your tailor does not necessarily have to be on call 24/7, but get one that you know you can rely on to do those fixes and tweaks to your clothes. Many times, off the rack will not fit you perfectly and this is NORMAL. Taking your pieces to a good tailor will have your garment looking and feeling like it should even with the tweaks.
  7. Get the girls fitted: Having a perfectly fitted bra is like heaven on earth. Your back will thank you, your clothes will love you and your body and life just feels a lot better when the girls are in their place. Please note that sizing is different and so are the cuts.

These tips are not all there are, we will do a concluding part tomorrow. Keep being fab baby!


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