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Fashion Mistakes That Mar Your Style 2

Dear Ladies, doing these ruin your personal style.

Fashion Mistakes That Mar Your Style 2

Let me repeat what I said in the first part of this post for the sake of those who will not stumble on it. When I say fashion mistakes in this context, I am not talking about wearing an outfit that could land you on a worst-dressed list.

Instead, I am talking about habits you refuse to break, fashion cliches you still hold to your chest and little things you’re avoiding or doing that can ruin your personal style. I thought I was done when I wrote the first part but alas, here we are

Let’s roll.

  1. You Think Long Hair Makes You More Attractive: It shocks me when I hear about independent women who believe that long hair makes them more attractive to themselves and to men. First of all, some of the most beautiful women in the world have embraced low cuts. Secondly, not every woman was born to have long hair or wants long hair. In fact, shorter lengths make petite girls look taller, and curvier girls slimmer.

  2. You Think Clutches Are Only for Parties: These cute bags should not just be assigned to your Owambe while some are fairly casual, like over-sized leather clutches, others are dressy that is shiny gold clutches and beaded clutch bags and they all look fabulous with faded boyfriend jeans.

  3. You Stay Away from Black and Navy: You think they are colours assigned for Funerals and Remembrance Services only.  You are missing out on an extremely fresh look and you are doing yourself a disservice by not trying it out.

  4. You Think Short Girls Can’t Wear Maxi Skirts: I laugh if you think short women simply can’t wear floor-grazing skirts and dresses. The trick is just to choose solid versions that create a long, vertical line and be sure to keep your top fitted. Also, add a pair of wedges or heels underneath.

  5. You are one of those ‘Take One Accessory’ off people: Have you heard that old fashion rule of removing an accessory before leaving the house. You have not? Good because different women have proven time and time again that it is okay to be fabulous with your jewelry.
  6. You have plenty of Items, instead of owning one good one: Obviously, we all have our kind of items and we approach those items when we shop. That one is called having taste. However, if you find yourself quite literally buying a cheap striped shirt every single time you shop, it’s a known fact that the more you own, the less you wear.
  7. You Think High-Waisted Pants Are Always Unflattering: High-waist bottoms used to get a side eye from me but the truth is when worn correctly, they can trick the eye into thinking you’re taller and leaner by elongating your lower body.

  8. You don’t always look like you: It is about time that young women began to shop for themselves, their lifestyle, and what looked best on them. Not what people think or what is in vogue. Next time you’re shopping, really look at each item and decide if you really love it, or if it is fashion blogs who are telling you to love it for this season.


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