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Fashion Mistakes not to Make at the Beach

The beach is definitely fun but do you know the rules applicable in fashion? You should read this.

Fashion Mistakes not to Make at the Beach

Yes, the rainy season is here but there is still a bit of sun that might tempt you to visit the beach. This post will help you know the fashion tips and style that are important while going there.

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  • Some Shoes are not to be worn to the beach: Let’s be honest here, wearing anything more than a sandal is just being extra. Most of your time will be spent relaxing on a towel or lounge chair, and chances are high that you’re going to be barefoot.  So why be extra and wear anything other than slippers or sandals? I do not think I need to spell it out that heels are always a no-go.
  • Let Your Face Breathe: You are going to the beach, where you’ll be baking in the sun half of the time or it will melt away or run down your face if you decide to take a dip in the water. But you still do a full makeup session? Why? It’s best to abandon makeup and show off your natural face. The highest you should go is your eyebrows.
  • Leave The Accessories At Home: Aside from sunglasses and a hat, there’s really no need to accessorize. Sun, salt water, and sand will destroy most jewellery pieces. And if it drops, the chances of finding them again are almost zero.
  • Road Test Your Swimsuit: Do not be one of those people who never test their swimsuit or bathing suit until they are heading away for a beach weekend.
  • Be Prepared For Tan Lines: Tan line is the division between skin that has darkened or tanned from exposure to sun and skin that has not been exposed to the sun. Be aware that bathing suits can leave you with tanned lines on your skin especially if you are light complexioned.
  • Don’t Be Stingy With Sunscreen: Application of a good sunscreen can protect you from things like sunburns and skin cancer. Make sure it is applied at least 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun and should always be re-applied after a swim.
  • Sunscreen should not be your only friend: While sunscreen is always a good idea, one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy is by avoiding too much sun. The best way is to lounge underneath an umbrella or wear a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a kaftan to the beach.
  • Take Care Of Your Skin After Sun Exposure: Don’t neglect your skin after you’ve stepped out of the sun, either. Make sure your skin receives lots of moisture when you get back after a day in the sand.
  •  Don’t be sloppy in packing: So now that you know what to pack, make sure you have a suitable beach bag to carry all of your goods in.  Pack them all in a nice tote bag.


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