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Fashion Items You Should Never Compromise as a Gentleman

5 Items for which you should never compromise quality for price.

Fashion Items You Should Never Compromise as a Gentleman

There is a school of thought that believes that saving money is cool, bargaining is an art. Fashion is never about being cheap or classy, neither is it about being able to afford something, it is about valuing money. Seeing as you worked hard to earn it, it should be respected to a certain degree.

There are some things that should never be bought cheap. Paying a little more for these said items still makes for a good, beneficial and smart deal.

Below are five items which you should never compromise quality for price:

EYEGLASSES: If you have prescription glasses or eyesight issues, you will require these every day. They will be highly functional for you in case you break them or tamper them in some way. The time taken to fix them will be one of great inconvenience to you. Therefore it is better that you get a good quality sturdy pair of eyeglasses which does not come cheap.  There are many good options available for whatever budget. You should find the best possible quality available in your budget.

SUNGLASSES: This is a must have to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as dust and pollution. If you buy one which does not meet the required standards then whatever you spend on them is actually wasted, seeing as it does not fulfill the purpose for which you have purchased it. You should pick a pair that is strong, that properly covers your eyes and if your optician thinks it is necessary to get prescription sunglasses.

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SUIT: You remember Harvey Spectar in Suits, what is the one thing that you remember about him-Yes of course, his Suit. Not only where they fitted, but they also looked top notch. This is not to say you should rob a bank based on that fact. There are many options in the market these days catering to all kinds of budget. You should own a suit, its fashion savvy.

SHOES: You should never compromise on the kind of shoes you wear. People often make the grave mistake of treating this lightly and fail to understand how much trouble it can cause. Bad shoes can cause a lot of posture and balance problems, they can also cause your feet and back severe aches. Thus buying good quality shoes, sandals and flip flops are an investment not only for looking good but also for the care of your feet.

PERFUMES: It is said that looking good is good business but smelling good is a great business. You should not compromise when it comes to the quality of your perfumes. There’s nothing worse than smelling of cheap perfume after donning a good suit.


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