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Fashion is so much more than clothes Gentlemen. Check out the other things needed in this post

Gentlemen, i urge you to read this.


Oya, your hands, 2, 2

insert church piano

I have come again, I have come again o I have com again …………

After now, one person will say I only talk about women fashion. They will not see this back to back post of me helping the man to look better in all ramifications.

Today, I am letting you know how to carry yourself like an A-list Man that you truly are deep down which automatically helps you to look better instantly.

  • Have a Strong Body Language: Put some spunk into your personality. It is not about wearing fine and smart suit alone. If you do not have the body language to back it up, you might as well let the suit be great on its own. So, when talking or having a conversation, let your body language be strong. You should ask google what body language is if you are confused.
  • Straight Posture: You know that it will be weird if your body language is on point but you are standing like a hospital patient. Tsk Tsk, that is unacceptable. You should have the right posture to balance the body language.
  • Eye to eye connection: You have to utilize eye contact so that individuals take you seriously. Shifty eyes mean you are hiding something or you are just plain insincere with whatever you are saying.
  • Hands Gestures: You can use your hands when you are chatting with individuals and this helps to show that you are paying attention to the conversation and taking it seriously.  Apply this trick when you conversing with someone and see the allurement.
  • Certain Appearances: You have heard the term looking good, feeling good. Certain appearances instil confidence in you even when you really do not feel it at first. There is a killer combination that comes with some clothes and you just feel on top of the world or that you can do anything.
  • Figure out how to state “No”: In the event that you are one of those individuals who say “Yes” to everybody, you have to reset your inner transformer and start saying “No” especially when it is not convenient for you. No woman likes a doormat for a partner, one who cannot determine the timing for oneself and for others. Regard for your own time means people will regard you.
  • All fashion trends are not yours: Just because a certain trend comes up does not mean you should immediately jump on it. It might not suit your personality, body type or even frame. Instead of you showing up like the man you are, we will see a boy on the scene. Please stop it.


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