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Fashion For Men: Tie Styles You Should Know

Different tie knot styles on how to knot their ties following the right way

Fashion For Men: Tie Styles You Should Know

A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

– Oscar Wilde

Ties are necessary accessories that are worn by men occasionally and it is very rare to find a man who does not wear ties to formal occasions. Wearing a tie gives you a look of confidence with a sharp suit for added effect, all those who see you especially women will give you a nod of approval.

Taking your elegance a notch higher through the wearing of a tie, you must first know how to knot it and how to choose the right tie knot style for you. There are a lot of tie knot styles presented to men to show them how to knot their ties following the right way without making mistakes. Here are some very common tie knot styles that are chosen by most men. Read through and decide the easiest and most suitable tie knot style for you.

  1. Four-in-Hand: This is a simple and classic knot style that is perfect for those who like the casual look which makes it common on different occasions. It is advised that this is paired with the shirts that have standard or point collars and this tie knot works for those who are tall. This tie knot is more suitable for a wide tie that is made from heavy fabrics. Fashion For Men: Tie Styles You Should Know
  2. The Full Windsor: This style is known as the Windsor or the Double Windsor and is considered to be the most common style. This knot appears in the shape of a wide triangle which is why the recommendation is to pair it with a cutaway collared shirt.
  3. The Half-Windsor: This knot style is called the Half-Windsor because it does looks like the Full Windsor but does not require the same effort to know how to do it. You just need half the effort to learn this style and it is recommended to pair it with standard or cutaway collared shirts. This knot style is suitable to be worn on different occasions. how-to-tie-the-half-windsor-knot-tying-instructions Different Tie Knots for Men to Be More Handsome
  4. Prince Albert: This is an easy-to-learn knot style that does not require spending a long time knowing how to do it.  This style can be paired with the shirts that have point collars and if you want to easily knot it, you will need a tie that is made from soft materials. It is not recommended for formal occasions because it is small. how-to-tie-the-prince-albert-knot-tying-instructions Different Tie Knots for Men to Be More Handsome

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The right knot style for you definitely depends on your taste, the length, and width, the shirt collar’s shape, the material from which the tie is made, the occasion that you are going to attend and your personality. DO NOT FORGET that the fashion rule states that the length of the tie should come to rest at your belt when it is knotted and it should not be longer than that.


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