Falz: The Rapper Who Revolts Through Music

The Rapper Addressing Societal Issues Through Music


Nigerian Lawyer-turned-Musician, Folarin Falana (a.k.a Falz) has adopted a unique brand by addressing sociopolitical issues; such as social injustice and police brutality through his music.

The ‘Music Activist’ released a controversial song ‘This is Nigeria’  in 2018. This addressed several societal issues that are rampant in the country; such as abuse, SARS brutality, codeine, amongst others. In a matter of weeks, ‘This is Nigeria’ garnered more than ten million views on YouTube.

Falz returned this year with his singles, ‘Talk’ and ‘Moral Instruction’ on his fourth album which comprises of nine tracks.

‘Talk’, released on January 10, centered on political parties recycling, failed leadership and a number of topics. ‘Moral Instruction,’ which comprises of nine tracks has Falz as teacher, preacher and Fela sampler.

Falz held a school-themed listening party prior to the release of the album, to explain its purpose and concept.

He said, “I feel like a lot of artists stay away from making content like this. But I have decided that if we have to change the mentality, then we need to be bold, we need to be brave. The album is movement, a re-education and re-orientation. Quite obviously, we have lost a plot as a people, as a country.”



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