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Facts about Actress Kemi Afolabi

Facts about Actress Kemi Afolabi

Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi has been in the movie industry for a while now and since joining has gone on to feature in so many hit movies.

The actress made new a while back after she complained about the government hospital in the country stating further that she is scared for the life of her kids.

“It is sad that people judge us by the way they see us in movies. I am not rich, I am just a thriving career woman who wants the best for herself and her children. I believe that as an individual, I can walk into any government establishment of which the hospital I went to was one of them. I live in Ikeja, so going to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital wasn’t a bad idea. The government has a whole lot to do.

“There should be government hospitals in residential areas; it doesn’t cost the government anything to do that. The government owes the masses adequate health facilities and good health care. I am going to make more noise about this; they need to start renovating these hospitals. A hospital should be a place where people go to and feel comfortable, not going there and coming back with another ailment. I am sure the government is disbursing funds to the health sector, but it is probably being embezzled.

“I saw a lot of people sleeping on the floor, the drip stands were not sufficient. It is not mere hearsay, I saw these things myself. Bed spaces were not even enough, basic things need to be provided. These are minor things that the government needs to look into. I don’t even think the doctors are properly paid.

“I am extremely scared of the future of my children and the generation to come in this country. I am doing this for the next generation. These people are just wicked, they go to treat themselves abroad and they know how things are done over there. I have lived abroad for about five years and I know how things are done.

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“Here, even the air you breathe in the government hospitals is irritating. This is for the future of our children; I was abroad because my husband was based there. I had to come back to focus on my career. For people that have not come back, they have their reasons. When they even hear about the bad things happening in this country, will they want to come back?”

Here are 5 facts about the beautiful actress.

See below:

1.She was born on the 28th of April 1978 in Lagos. She is from Ogun state.

2. Kemi had her primary and secondary education at A-Z International School and Our Lady of Apostles School, respectively. She has a degree in Law from the University of Lagos.

3. She snagged an Award of Excellence from the University of Ilorin Students’ Union a day after she spoke about nurturing women of excellence.

4.She won the Best Yoruba Actress Of The Year at City People Awards in 2016. Kemi also won the award for the Most Prominent Actress award at the Odua Image Awards

5. She secretly tied the knot with her UK-based Nigerian husband.


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