Facebook Adds A New ‘Unsend’ Feature To Its Messenger

You can now “unsend” messages on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has finally added a feature to allow all users retract previously sent messages on its messaging platform, Messenger.

The feature was finally launched on Wednesday, almost one full year after its initial announcement. Facebook had announced in April last year that users would soon be allowed to retract their messages after some tech journalists noticed the unusual disappearance – from their inboxes, of some messages they had previously received from a few senior executives at Facebook. To prevent a scandal, Facebook hastily announced that they were testing their new ‘Unsend’ feature and it would soon be available to all users.

Even though it took seven full months, Facebook has finally come through on its promise, giving all users the ability to take back messages already sent. They made this announcement through a statement and explain the process of retracting a message. However, users only have a 10-minute window to ‘unsend’ a message after it is sent.

This comes as good news to Facebook users, who may have been longing for this feature. The feature is already available on Whatsapp.

This can also be a step in making the plan of a merger of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram together as one massive messaging platform.

Anyways, to ‘unsend’ a Facebook message, simply follow these steps:

  • Tap on the message you want to ‘unsend’

  • Select the option to “Remove for Everyone”.

  • You are good to go.

Happy ‘Unsending”!


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