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Eyelash Extensions: Pros and Cons

Eyelash Extensions: Pros and Cons

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions have sprung up as a trend in the past few years. Unlike false lashes, these extensions last for weeks. It has become quite popular in celebrity circles and big cities. This article will guide you about the safety, cost, comfort, and overall process of eyelash extensions.


Instead of gluing a strip of falsies to the lash line, the process is much more meticulous. First, your technician will guide you about the various lash extension options: fiber (synthetic, silk, and faux-mink), length, and curl type.

Most salons in Nigeria have a menu that will help you to determine the lash extension that will best fit your aesthetic. You can choose from glamorous, celebrity-inspired lashes to a naturally soft and fluttery look. The process of application is very advanced and completely customizable.

At your consultation, you need to explain your lash aesthetic to your technician — full, super-long, natural, and so forth. Then, he or she will craft your dream lash look, recommending different textures for lash extensions. You can choose a fiber lash, which is flexible and light, or ultra-silk lashes, that are soft but create a more dramatic look.

For people who prefer a more natural look, we recommend going for a set of 80-90 lashes per eye, depending on the size of your eyelids.

After the selection of the desired lash look, the next step is the application. Your technician will fix the extensions by using a tweezer-like tool, precisely fixing around 160 individual eyelashes with the help of glue. The initial set will take around two hours to apply.

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The Pros

You can get luscious and fluttery lashes without applying mascara or sticky lash glue. Lashes make your eyes look beautiful, and breathe life into a tired face.

You can take an all-natural approach to your makeup after having extensions on because you will feel confident with long, full lashes. Tailor-made lashes are stunning, but they are not low-maintenance and are expensive to maintain.

The Cons

First and foremost con is that they’re pricey and there is additional touch-up cost. Extensions need to replaced in every two to three weeks, as they shed with your natural lash cycle, and those replacements cost extra.

Avoid salons that offer a cluster, set of lashes pre-glued together. They’ll completely damage your natural lashes with their weight.

What is the solution? You can get extensions sporadically, like before a wedding or special occasion, as opposed to consistently.

Things to keep in mind

Clean the extensions properly and regularly to avoid infections like conjunctivitis. Extensions are designed to be lightweight and safe for the eyes, but the glue can hurt your eyes.

The chemicals can react to skin and can cause inflammation, irritation, allergic reactions, or dry eyes. Therefore, ask your technician to carry out a patch test before using the glue, to avoid an adverse reaction.


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