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Extremely Important Tips for Generation X in Lagos

All members of Generation X. This post is specially for you.

Extremely Important Tips for Generation X in Lagos

There are obviously Millennials in every part of Nigeria and then, there are Lagos Millennials. These elusive breeds can be seen in every nook and cranny of the state going about their activities.

If you belong to Generation X, here are important tips to navigating, experiencing and making Lagos your own personal heaven. If you have to ask what or who Generation X is, this post is obviously not for you.

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  1. Lagos is not like anywhere you have ever been or lived in: The sooner you understand and accept this, the better for you. This basis is the first step to the fruitful and fulfilling relationship between yourself and the city of Lagos.
  2. Find your Zen: Lagos is what it is. Endless traffic, epileptic power supply and a host of colourful characters day in and out. You need some time to retreat and find your centre. Lagos takes care of those needs with a series of spas, resorts and yoga classes. Lagos might give you chaos but it also knows how to treat you right.
  3. Mobile Office Pick: If you are Generation X and also a member of the creative class, you will need a mobile office on some days. A mobile office should have good internet, good view and amazing snacking options.
  4. Find your happy hour spot: Whatever your poison is, Lagos is an alcohol-friendly town. This offers you a good way to make first and fast friends. Your spot should be able to offer some splendid cocktails and good music.
  5. Master the transport system: Uber and Bolt are of course a godsend, but these days the legendary Lagos traffic can sometimes allow you to go bankrupt if you rely on taxis. There are keke napep and okada which will get you to your destination faster than you can imagine. They are also incredibly cheap and will give you a sense of adventure. Just be careful.
  6. Log on to Nigerian Twitter: The Nigerian Twitter community aka NaijaTwitter carries immense value. It is a good place to network and you’ll surprise the people you’ll meet there. Make your self comfortable with the close-knit online community of bloggers, music lovers, sports lovers, political activists and get familiar with the Nigerianisms of the moment. A Nigerianism is a phrase made for Nigerians and it includes phrases like ‘I am unable to can’ which means I cannot comprehend and ‘what a wawu ‘ meaning unbelievable. Watch out for the trolls though, they are a mean bunch.


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