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Exercise: Its Benefits and Importance

Top 7 Exercise Motivation Secrets You Will Never See Anywhere

People generally exercise to either keep healthy, to lose weight or to stay fit. They exercise to make their bodies physically beautiful, stronger or attractive, depending on the individual. Getting exercise can be fun and can make you feel very good about yourself.

Exercise is a big part of staying physically fit. People who are physically fit are alert and full of energy. Exercise can also help people handle stress. Exercise is good all ages, i.e. for children, teenagers, and older persons.

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Not All Exercise Is the Same

There are two main types of exercise: aerobic and anaerobic:

  • Aerobic exercise are exercises that makes your muscles use oxygen faster than usual. It makes your heart and lungs work harder to supply your muscles with oxygen. Running, walking, jogging, and swimming are kinds of aerobic exercise.
  • Anaerobic exercise works just a few muscles at a time. Weightlifting is a kind of anaerobic exercise. Weightlifting and other kinds of anaerobic exercise make your muscles bigger and stronger. Anaerobic exercise does not require a lot of oxygen. It does not work your heart or lungs. You can only do anaerobic exercise for short periods of time because the muscles you’re using quickly get tired.

Different Classes of Exercise

Exercise: Its Benefits and Importance

Exercise for Heart Health

Regular aerobic exercise leads to a healthier heart. This include, jogging, walking, riding a bicycle, and other aerobic exercises lower the risk of heart disease. Aerobic exercise helps prevent this buildup. Aerobic exercise also makes the heart and lungs stronger.

It is advised to do 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times a week. You need to exercise hard enough to get your heart beating faster than normal. You can feel your heart beating. Use two fingers to feel a beat, or pulse, in your wrist or neck.

Exercise for Increased Strength

Usually, people who want to improve their muscle strength work out with weights. They use free weights, weights that are not attached to anything, such as barbells and dumbbells or they use strength-training machines. Strength training can also make bones stronger.

Exercise for Control Weight

Aerobic exercise can help you lose weight. It can help you stay at a healthy weight. Aerobic exercise burns calories. A calorie is a unit of measurement. It measures the amount of energy in foods. It measures the amount of energy your body uses.

When you take in the same number of calories that you burn every day, your weight stays the same. If you take in more calories than you burn, you gain weight. If you take in fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight. Regular exercise helps you burn calories.

Exercise to Make You Flexible

Doing stretching exercises can make your body a lot more flexible. There are stretches for your arms, legs, neck, and trunk. Many people do slow exercises and stretches called yoga to make their bodies more flexible. You should do warm-up stretches before you do aerobic or anaerobic exercises. You should do cool-down stretches when you are finished exercising. Warm-up and cool-down stretches can help prevent muscle injuries.


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