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Everyone is Stepping Up. You Should Also Follow Suit With Our New Found Men’s Wardrobe Essential Style Tips Needed To Up The Game

Such essential tips are a criteria when considering your wardrobe for every man


Yes, you have good clothes in your wardrobe, Yes, your appearance is not shabby, Yes, you look good when you step out of your house. Nobody is arguing about all the things that you are when it comes to fashion but there is certainly room for improvement.

Or don’t you think so?

  • Match metal with metal: As a guy, you should coordinate your accessories. Yes, women do it and you are not a woman but do you want to be looking tacky just because simple accessories like rings, watches, tie pins, bracelets and so on are not coordinated? It looks gaudy when these clashes so match them appropriately.
  • If you have the option then always get your suit tailored: We know that money can sometimes be a pain in the behind but nothing compares or beats having your suit tailored to fit you exactly. The elegance, class and style will blow your own mind.
  • When buying apparel of any kind, they should fit you right: Nothing you wear should be too tight or too loose. It should be just the right size as this is what looks best. Even if the material is expensive or the cut is trendy, if you do not you get the size right, my brother you have not arrived.
  • Sunglasses and frames should always be according to the shape of your face: Everybody should stop that nonsense of just buying sunglasses or frames without considering their face shape. Stop following the latest trend blindly as there are something’s that look good only on particular face shape.
  • Neutral colours and patterns are classic and safe: You should take a little risk when it comes to colours and patterns. Experiment with them in your socks, ties, pocket squares, bow ties and so on. In fact, go out of your way and search for some unusual cufflinks or lapel pins. Everything fun comes with a little risk.
  • Rolled up shirt sleeves look smart and sexy: Excuse me, Sir, if you have not joined the team where sleeves are been rolled, you don’t know this fashion thing well yet. Don’t roll it up in a reckless manner and think that is it, there is a difference between careful and careless.
  • Invest in a good turtlenecked vest or sweater: A turtlenecked sweater is versatile and functional as it not only shields you from the cold but makes you look hot. They can be worn as is or fused with a number of outfits to create different looks. They work well with casuals, formals, events and special occasions. Just check Naija twitter, you’ll understand what I am saying.


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