Ever dream of seeing huge impacts in your life almost immediately? Adopt these 8 habits

Here are 10 habits that you need to master

Ever dream of seeing huge impacts in your life almost immediately? Adopt these 8 habits

It’s astounding how little daily actions turn into life long habits that we eventually are unable to shake off. If you want to have habits that make you happier and more successful, here’s a list of 8 things that can have a huge impact on you.

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  • Say “no” to yourself once a day: Say “no” to yourself once a day especially whenever you want to spend money because you think you deserve it, make sure you say “no”. By saying no to yourself, you’ll get in the habit of not spending, in addition to getting out of the habit of entitlement. Saying no will help you feel better about sticking to your financial plan.
  • Do Save: Pay yourself first if you are into any business. If you do this, you’ll get in the habit of saving every pay period as opposed to waiting until the end of your pay period. Paying yourself first sets you up for great financial success.
  • Track your spending: Create a budget to help you track your spending so as to be in control of your money and not your money been in control of you.  If you shop or transact with your credit card every month, make sure it is been recorded for accountability purposes.
  • Read 15 minutes every day: Start reading something non-fiction every day. This will help you grow as a person and become the best version of yourself.  Just try to limit the time you watch TV for 1 hour.
  • Commit to completing 1 task toward a goal every week: Every week commit to completing one task toward accomplishing one thing that would make you much happier. You can start small so as to set yourself up for a habit of successfully completing tasks
  • Get out of your comfort zone: It is very important to push yourself to do so much more if you want more. If you stay in the same place, you’ve stopped learning and that is a horrible place to be. Learning, growing, and progress is what life is all about and they are good habits to have.
  • Stop complaining: If you’re a complainer or tend to be very negative, try not to complain for one full week or maybe start with one day. After you’re done, you’ll be happier, you’ll attract happier people, and you’ll find success comes easier.
  • Acquire assets: If you want to be wealthy, you need to accumulate assets. Assets are one of the following: 1) business (your own), 2) real estate (that provides cash flow), 3) paper investments (e.g.: stocks and bonds), and 4) commodities (e.g.: oil and gas). So, if you have some of these things, you’re on your way.

Remember that all of your daily actions make up who you are and every habit counts.


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