Entertainment Gist: Saheed Balogun Finally Reacts To Claims He Defrauded his Colleague

Entertainment Gist: Saheed Balogun Finally Reacts To Claims He Defrauded his Colleague

Nigerian actor Saheed Balogun has finally reacted to claims that he defrauded his colleagues and some of her contacts.

A  couple of days ago Tayo Sobola took to her IG to call the actor out. According to her, he introduced her to a man who claimed to be running a travel agency. Upon helping him get clients, he ran away with all the money.

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Reacting to Tayo’s post, Saheed said he was also defrauded.

He continued saying;

The two people came to me that they had no money for international passport, which I fund them from my pocket to do the intl passport aside that, I also bare the cost of there trip from Ibadan to Lagos and the hotels and feeding on account of my goodwill.
After I had done all these expenses, Idris ran to me again, that he had issues he wants to solve, my self and Ibrahim Chatta came to his rescue and I am also aware Ibraheem also borrowed him 200k.
Along the line, Shotayo said she was no longer interested. But a week after I heard that the people Shotayo told earlier paid, which left me to confuse and shocked.
Unknowingly we got to the boarding plane only to find out that the booking he claimed he had made was not reflecting. He didn’t show up with the two other people’s passport/Visa either. Right there, we were left with two options either to report to the authorities or escalate the matter via social media platforms. My self and Ibrahim Chatta decided to let the matter rest and let God judge our actions according to intentions while we ponder on the next line of action. But later we thought of other victims that were involved who may not be willing to take such step because of the amount involved.
So, we set two options for ourselves either to go as a group to complain to the Authorities which others obliged or individual take it up and once there is a need to report to the Authorities we all make ourselves available.
Mustapha Sholagbada told me Sotayo had reported the matter to the police and she had collected a letter from Higher Authorities, which make me at peace that all is in control,
And each time Shotayo reports me to people, I try as much as possible to call but she declined to speak to me and never returned my calls. I don’t hold this against her because I reasoned she might be angry.
I was totally alarmed to see my name being dragged on social media for sins I never committed.
But i am really inquisitive about this, when did social media becomes the highest Authority in Nigeria that is greater than the law enforcement Angencies?

When has it become a crime to make a referral for colleagues? When we know that referral is the
life wire of entertainers.
My intention for bringing my colleagues on board was clear and noble as I never knew it would end this way.
Am very inquisitive about this, If everything went well,will I have the same accolades on social media like this ?

Nevertheless, necessary investigations are still going on and we will alert the public as things unfold.
In conclusion
I will advise the public to beware of fake journalists who for their selfish interests do copy and paste without proper investigation. Only God knows how many lives and career have been ruined to such a heinous act.
In God I trust!

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