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Elegance is an art you should learn. Why not follow this and see how it’s done?

Wondering how to look elegant whatever the occasion? You should read this

Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. If you want to portray yourself as an elegant and confident person, you can and here’s how you can look effortlessly elegant all the time.

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  • STAND TALL AND PROUD: Standing tall and with confidence is probably the easiest way to convey elegance to everyone you meet. A good posture is standing straight, shoulders back, and head held straightforward. It may be uncomfortable at first (let’s face it, we’re generally hunched over on our phones), but it gets easier with practice.
  • GET GROOMED: Elegance essentially radiates from within but can be shown on the outside as well. The better put together you look the more people will take note of your appearance. Take a trip to the salon and trim those split ends, get yourself a flattering haircut, and take care of your hair.
  • ACCESSORIES ARE VITAL: The key to looking elegant at all times is wearing simple accessories and wearing them as a statement every day. Have a favourite pair of earrings? Wear them all the time. Have a simple pearl necklace? Wear that. Rings? Wear one.
  • ELEGANT STYLE PIECES: A great fitting wardrobe shows style and elegance. And to be honest, once you get pieces that fit, you won’t have to keep buying the same pieces over and over. Well-tailored pieces can be kept for years. Your wardrobe and wallet will be happy.
  • MAKEUP: If you want an elegant makeup look, go for red lips or neutral shades. Try keeping your makeup simple and minimal. Use minimal contouring and blush. You do not have to use a heavy hand with makeup all the time or go for the full effect.
  • SHOES: Shoes are also an important part of dressing as they speak a whole lot about one’s elegance. You are more often than not usually judged by the type of shoes you wear. That little cut in our shoes might not go unnoticed. That little tear at the front of your shoe is in the glare of the whole world.
  • COMMUNICATION: Elegance is also how you make others feel and when they think of you, it should be kind and helpful. Do not approach others with an attitude. You can never be too kind or have too many manners. Communicate your elegance and people will notice and always be kind for kindness lights up a face as no makeup can


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