Dressing Appropriately: 7 Rules All Men Should Learn

All men require dressing appropriately on all occasions and at all times. These are seven rules that all men should learn.

  1. Wear a suit well

A suit will look good when it fits. A suit is like a uniform so ensure that it is classic and not boring.


  1. Look after your appearance.

Dry-clean and press your suit, polish your shoes, hang your shirts and store your shoes in the best place. Wash your clothes regularly, trim your nails and brush your hair.


  1. Invest wisely in a watch

Invest in classy watches that will make you feel comfortable and will fit your wrist.


  1. Spend money on shoes

Consider the pattern, sole and colour of the shoes you’re buying. Spend money on quality and durable shoes that will last longer and give your feet an attractive look.

  1. Keep your underwear simple

Unlike your shirts and shoes, your underwear shouldn’t be what you’ll use to express your personality. Go for comfortable underwear that has stood the test of time. Cotton boxer shorts are comfortable and can easily be washed.


  1. Dress for the setting

Dressing appropriately is not just about your self-expression but also the environment you’re visiting.

Choose the right clothes for the right events. Whether it’s about going to work, visiting the grocery store or going for a formal dinner, you must go for what it appropriate.


  1. Know when to break the rules

Fashion is all about self-expression but some events require some certain dress codes. So know when to break the rules!


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