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Do’s and Dont’s for Travelers to East Africa

Travelling to the Eastern part of the continent soon? Check out these Do’s and Dont’.

Do's and Dont's for Travelers to East Africa

Some of the things here might be familiar to you since you are travelling from the West to the East of the Continent. There might be two or three things that will be familiar to you or even all sef. I was not surprised at anyone at all. We are still in the same Continent abi

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  1. Many people in general, don’t have a sense of personal space. Women will touch and admire while men like to gently or less gently grab your hand during conversation. Don’t take it personally or a sign of harassment, it’s just their culture.
  2. They are very religious here as with us and you will find Christians attend a mass every Sunday and they will oftentimes ask you about your religious views.
  3. It is forbidden to illegally remove wildlife products, remove corals, shells or to export products made from rhino, elephant or sea turtle derivatives. Don’t think you will get away with it.
  4. It is not permitted to photograph any military objects without prior permission. Make them no use you do headline for 9pm news.
  5. Show respect when photographing people and ask for permission first. Some of the locals will definitely be happy to pose, some will reject you and others will let you take photos for a small tip.
  6. Mob justice does exists in that part of the world too. If you are mugged on the street, or pickpockets steal something from you, the locals might act on your behalf and start beating them till death or severe injuries. So be careful.
  7. Just like Greetings are important to us here, it is also important in East Africa which is why it is important that you try to learn some basic Swahili greetings.
  8. Bargaining on markets and local shops is expected but have reasonable limits and respect yourself unless you want them to insult you. The worst part is you’ll not understand a word.
  9. The people of Maasai find it taboo to talk about unborn babies, so dont ask pregnant Maasai women about the unborn child.
  10. Driving in East Africa is also on the left side so that one is the same as home.
  11. Just as we do here, there is no such thing as a full bus as long as there is space to stand, there will always be a place for more. Your normal Lagos hustle will make this a bit familiar. Try taking dalla dalla /matatus/ and you will see.


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