Don’t let your day be boring! Here are a few productive things you can do when you are bored

Having a boring day? Here are a few productive things that you can do.

Don't let your day be boring! Here are a few productive things you can do when you are bored

These things are not necessarily entertaining, but they are certainly productive. In other words, doing any of them will create value in your life – in one form or another.

We both will agree that filling a lazy void with productive things is way better

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  • Clean your room: Why let boredom reign when you can put your room in a clean state.
  • Organize files on your phone and computer: Your phone or computer keeps telling you that you are running low on space. This boring time is more than enough to delete old or unused files.
  • Make a song playlist: You know how you have different moods and just want a particular kind of tune. This is a good time to create that for the future.
  • Learn something new on YoutubeInstead of using your data on IG watching videos or IGTV, head over to youtube and find something you have a preference for and watch
  • Review your wardrobe and plan: Sometimes you have clothes that you never wear but are just there taking space. Now is the time to take a review of all the things that your wardrobe comprises of and discard if needed.
  • Write a letter to your future self: These letters are important. In the future, you will be able to look back and see what your accomplishments are
  • Delete old contacts from your phone: You have not talked to some people in years but they are still there taking space on your phone. My question is Why?
  • Browse Pinterest for inspiring ideas: If you do not know what Pinterest is, you have been sleeping on a broken bicycle. Better go to your App Store and download right now.
  • Sign up for online courses and take notes while watching: Online courses will help you move faster in whatever career you find yourself. Don’t forget to update your CV and LinkedIn when you are done
  • Shop for pretty and useful things online: Well, if you are broke and cannot buy immediately, you can also window shop and save them until you have the money.
  • Update your social media profiles: Your profile has not been updated since 2017. Log in and do the needful now.
  • Go outside and take photos of beautiful things: Sometimes, been stuck indoors can add to being bored. You can take your mobile, step outside and take pictures of things that capture your fancy.
  • Invite someone over: Lack of company can also be the reason you are bored. Scroll through your contacts and find someone you are comfortable with and invite them over. You can use food as an incentive. Most people like food.


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