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Does your partner still rate you in your relationship? Don’t fret! Here are some signs to confirm

Do not crucify me, we’re just trying to help you with this post.

Does your partner still rate you in your relationship? Don't fret! Here are some signs to confirm

Let us agree that all relationships will not lead to the altar.

Now that we have agreed to that and we are not still carrying any grudge towards me for saying it, let us now look at some signs that you need to look out for.

Your partner might be tired of the relationship but they are not willing to come out and have a discussion or talk about it(which I think is childish anyway). Lost feelings can not be returned and if your relationship is going to end because of that, here are signs you need to be on the lookout for.

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  • He or She does not call you and avoids you: Whether they are not answering your calls or refusing to hang out with you like before, it is a sign that whatever they felt towards you might be fading. Or they might just be busy sha. Na una go tok am
  • He or She used to call you several times a day, but not now: I had to bring calling aka the Gen Z’s mode of communicating again because the above-mentioned reason could just be they are busy. But if they called you occasionally before and now they grudgingly pick up your call, that should tell you something.
  •  He or she avoids physical contact of any kind: You have suddenly noticed that any form of physical contact has reduced. Even the holding of hands is now non-existent because you guys don’t even see at all. My brother, My sister take this glaring hint
  •  She is always in a bad mood and angry: Anything you say rubs them off the wrong way. They are always angry with you over the slightest issue, they somehow have forgotten to love you or even be friends with you. Let us call a spade a spade o and not a shovel.
  • They are not interested in your life: Nothing about you seems to interest them anymore. Even when you want to talk about it or fill them in, they do not want to hear. Even when they seem to be present with you, they do not pay attention to whatsoever you are saying.
  • They blame you for all their problems: This is a classic sign for the love don finish. Suddenly, they see you as the root of all their problems from the first day you got together until now. Anyway, they hear your name, they just equate you with their life issues. I think you should carry your bag by yourself and leave this person.
  • You lost the ability to have fun: You do not laugh or crack jokes again, there is no friendship between you guys, your chat history is now the polite, official kind, there is no sending of memes and funny videos anymore.


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