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Does your house seem messy all the time? This post might help you

We are here to help you get your messy house straightened.

If you are not a lazy person(because that might be the reason your house is messy all the time) and you just seem to see your house in a messed up situation. The problem might just be you have not trained yourself to finish what you started. If you do, you can have a tidier home with the same amount of work you put in for half.

Doesn’t that sound great?

So this is how it works…

  1. The less stuff you have, the easier it is to clean up what you do have: This one is just common sense if you ask us. I mean it is so simple, but we need to repeat it – the time you spend putting stuff you own and giving it out pays off every day in less “stuff” you have to maintain or arrange. Less laundry, fewer dishes to wash, etc. It is estimated that every hour you spend decluttering saves you an hour a month on housework that you no longer need to do.
  2. If you can’t finish, don’t start: Yes, we are letting you know that it is better to leave the dishes in the sink assuming you’ll get back to them later rather than washing only half of them. Instead of the half, you might as well tackle them all at once. This method is not always sensible because when/if you do part of a job you’ll still be thinking about how you can finish up later, which in itself is energy draining.
  3. If you get interrupted or you can’t finish a task, make sure to finish it when you can: This might just be the hardest “rule” of all if you are likely to have interruptions happening every 5 minutes. Sometimes, the interruption can wait while you quickly finish up but when your interruption cannot wait, just make a mental note to come back and finish up. Do your best to finish up as soon as you can.
  4. Train yourself to finish what you started: This takes some work, but it’s not rocket science. Take them one after the other, making sure yo finish every step before moving to the next one. Try as much as possible not to jump the process, no matter how tempted you might be.
  5. Half-done jobs do not get full credit: When you actually leave a job half done, you are giving yourself twice the work with no full credit. Most chores take only a couple of minutes and then it can be crossed off your list but if you stop, it takes a bit of time to restart later and you cannot even give yourself credit for it been done halfway.


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