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Do you want whiter teeth and a brighter smile? Follow These Steps

The outcome would just be amazing


A lot of people in Nigeria are interested in making their teeth so white because our genes and lifestyle factors often wreck havoc on the whiteness of our teeth. There are numbers of ways that you can actually make your teeth whiter. For the starters, it is very important that you follow a perfect oral hygiene regime. Always brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste twice a day or 3 times and make sure that you floss regularly too. It helps a lot!

You can always buy whitening floss from any supermarket around you and drugstore. Whitening floss is quite little different to normal dental floss, but many people find that they can make teeth whiter by using both whitening toothpaste and whitening floss.


It is very important if you want to make your teeth whiter for you to cut down on the things that are always known to cause staining and yellowing on your teeth. Try to cut down on coffee, tea, the red wine, a lot of caffeine, soft drinks and other foods that usually cause staining on your teeth. Smoking is also a sure fire way to stain your teeth – find ways to kick the habit immediately, whether it is with nicotine patches or going cold turkey.

Whatever you do will be so much better for your teeth and you’ll be able to smile again knowing that you have white clean teeth. Sometimes all you need to do to make teeth whiter is to see your dentist for a professional teeth clean. A lot of the time your dentist will be able to remove superficial teeth stains by using special teeth cleaning tools.

However once you have exhausted all of the above means to make teeth whiter, you may actually have to consider bleaching to get rid of stains and yellowing of your teeth. Dentist dispensed take home teeth whitening kits are the best way to make teeth whiter. Your dentist will make whitening trays out of a mold of your teeth for you to imitate the procedure that you used to only be able to get done at your dentists’ office.


Your dentist will supply you with a number of syringes that contain the teeth whitening formula that you just insert into the trays before use. After using these trays for two weeks you will notice a whiter and brighter smile. Your dentist will give you an instruction booklet that tells you everything that you need to do to make teeth whiter – such as how long to leave the trays in your mouth and what foods to avoid. Take home teeth whitening trays are possibly the best teeth whitening treatment. If the results you see don’t satisfy you after the 14 days, you either were not wearing the trays properly and for enough time, or your problem lies a little deeper and you need to look at other make teeth whiter options.

Your dentist can provide you with a few in office procedures if at home teeth whitening trays didn’t work for you. Laser teeth whitening and light activated teeth whitening are possible procedures that you could look into. These are the most expensive options available, but sometimes you have no choice if you want to have white teeth and a bright smile.

If you want to make your teeth whiter, this article has provided you with a number of options for you to consider. Do what you can first – follow a good oral hygiene regime and avoid foods that stain your teeth. If your situation does not improve, speak to your dentist and discuss possible teeth whitening options.


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