Do You Want to Lose Weight Quickly? Apply The Egg Diet

Do You Want to Lose Weight Quickly? Apply The Egg Diet

Recently, slimming diets have gained great popularity, which bring noticeable results in a very short time. Some of them are very unhealthy, but some allow you to achieve the desirable body benefits without compromising the health consequences. What diet is the egg diet? What is it about and who can afford it?

Protein instead of carbohydrates

Egg diet is a diet low in carbohydrates and calories. Low carbohydrate content in the daily diet compensates for high protein content. Egg diet is intended primarily for those who would like to lose weight without losing muscle mass.

Eating almost only eggs for a short period gives really impressive results – you can lose up to 5 kilos a week. However, it’s important to strictly follow several rules, which we specify below.

Rules of egg diet
• You can only eat 4-6 eggs a day.
• Ideally, they should be boiled (up to 10 minutes).
• Add mayonnaise, oil, olive oil or butter to the eggs (to enrich meals with fat).
• The egg menu can be varied with some vegetables and fruits.
• Drink a lot of water.
• Eat 3 meals per day.
• Exclude sugar, salt, sweets, fatty meat, full-fat dairy products and legumes from the menu.
• For the duration of the egg diet, forget about alcohol.
• A diet composed in this way should last no longer than two weeks. Some dieticians shorten the maximum limit up to 5 days.

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Does the egg diet bring results?

This is one of the most effective slimming diets. However, it’s not without flaws. Fast weight loss is caused not by reduction of body fat, but by muscle (contrary to the assumptions), as well as significant loss of water. Longer use of an egg diet can therefore lead to various complications, including:

• nutritional deficiencies,
• yo-yo effect,
• problems with the liver and pancreas (due to the large supply of fat),
• weakness of the body (accompanied by aversion to physical activity),
• too much cholesterol in the blood,
• cardiovascular diseases.

The egg diet allows you to lose weight quickly, but it involves the risk of serious health problems. Certainly, it shouldn’t be used by people with sick liver or pancreas.
It’s worth considering whether in the pursuit of a slim figure, we are actually ready to risk our health.


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