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Do You Want To Know if He is a Keeper?

Read this post if you want to identify ways in which you can identify a keeper

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Hey sister, do you want to know if that brother is a keeper? We do have about 7 ways in which you can find out asap.

These ways are not set in stone and are not a one size fits all seeing as humans will be humans and we are all different. But it can definitely not hurt to know how to interpret his actions so that you can work or act accordingly.

So here we go!

  1. He says you are beautiful without makeup: This man is definitely a keeper and he is already seeing a future with you. He’s envisioned waking up to your bare face early in the morning and has no problem with it. Hold him tight make e for no loss.
  2. He brings you food without asking: We both know that love is important but we agree wholeheartedly that food is importanter. So when a man brings you a piping hot meal with you asking for it or insinuating it, then you know he is intuned with your internal system and desires to please you as his lady.
  3. He texts you randomly just to know how you are: Most men bottle up their feelings and act as if they do not care. This one is a keeper because he is letting you know that caring for you and expressing it is not something to be ashamed of. It is a thing of pride to care for you and he’s going to make sure you know it. READ ALSO: Relationships: When to Say No
  4. He’s a helpless romantic with a soft side: You know how hot bread graciously accepts butter and makes a home for it? That’s how romantic men are. They’ll spoil you silly regardless if there is an occasion or not. He’ll make sure you know that you are his in every way possible.
  5. He stays up late just to talk to you: We both know that sleep is a great drug and some people are addicted to it. So if a man keeps his eyes wide open just to converse with you, know that you can keep him all day, any day.
  6. He’s proud to call you his: In the olden days, it was said that countries went to war because of women. Two men will lead soldiers to fight just because they want a woman. That’s how much pride some men have with regards to their women. Your man should be proud of you, should be proud to call you his, proud to let everyone know that you are his.
  7. He protects you: A man’s innate need is to protect his woman. There’s an inborn desire to protect all that is his, to guard it. You’ll know a keeper by the way he always wants to protect you and everything around you. He will go to war for you if the case arises. He’s not afraid to take a bullet for you(not literally of course) if the need arises.

As we said, these tips are not set in stone and do not guarantee longevity in a relationship but they should at least help.

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