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Do you know what Ghosters and Players are?: You can avoid them with these 5 ways

The dating game is sometimes a savage one. Here are 5 ways to help you avoid the bad guys or girls.

Do you know what Ghosters and Players are?: You can avoid them with these 5 ways

This dating world can be confusing especially in the beginning. It’s very easy to fall for the wrong guy or girl if we have been single for a long time and really long for a relationship. That’s why single brethren need to make sure they stay grounded during the early months of dating and stick to strict rules to protect themselves because this life is somehow.

Here are a few tips you can implement to protect yourself from ruthless players and ghosters, both Male and Female.

  • Don’t invest yourself too quickly: First and foremost, start slowly. When you take things slowly, you give yourself ample time to get to know the person before you get invested emotionally. Don’t jump into a romantic adventure without thinking or against your nature so that you don’t make mistakes and get hurt. Take it one step at a time darling.
  • Learn to read the warning signs: If the guy or girl doesn’t have genuine intentions, he will unintentionally reveal them to you. You just need to pay more attention. If it feels off, it is off! Don’t ignore it and PLEASE follow your gut feeling.
  • Let LOVE lead but also use your initiative: Just because you have found yourself head over heels in love with this person does not mean you begin to act strange. Even though you are in love, the initiative should and must be taken in the things of love and relationship. Do not leave your brain and all it is composed off behind just because cupid got you.
  • Have strong boundaries: You need to know what you can accept and can’t accept, how you want to be treated and what rules apply. When you do know, then you stick to these rules. Explore whatever your non-negotiables are and apply them to the dating game.
  • Don’t create a fantasy in your head: Often when we meet someone nice after a long time of not dating, our desire to be in a relationship is very tempting which then clouds our judgment, emotions and sometimes hormones. We almost immediately assume we are building something and the guy or girl is on the same page with us, even though they might be well behind us in assuming this is leading somewhere.

I am hoping that these tips help you protect yourself better in the dating game, avoid being ghosted, avoid players in whatever form they come and potentially reduce heartache.


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