Do you know that there are things you don’t owe anyone an explanation for?

Some things are nobody’s business. Here are a few of them.

Do you know that there are things you don't owe anyone an explanation for?

First and foremost, if you are still a teenager, please note that this post is not for you. If you live in a Nigerian home and you are still collecting monthly allowance, this post is not for you. If you are in a Nigerian University and your fees are been paid by a Nigerian, this post is not for you.

Now that we have removed those who this post is not for, the rest of us can proceed. In as much as we are social creatures and we need love, support, often validation and feedback, it matters from whom you crave that feedback or whom you’re trying to please. That circle should be very, very small, and even at that, not all decisions have to be explained.

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  • YOUR DREAMS: Even if your dreams are unconventional, ambitious, unique, or, just the opposite, simple and traditional. It’s your dream and your life. There is no such thing as a stupid dream and there is no need to justify or delay your dreams because of what others may think.
  • YOUR VALUES: Everyone has a guiding principle, a set of values, some issues you’re passionate about, but what they are is a personal decision. You should define those values to yourself, but once you made up your mind, don’t apologize for them.
  • YOUR STYLE: If you are the type of person that wears extravagant or head-turning items, bold patterns, or vibrant colours, I applaud you, because you must get harsh comments. People are judgmental and are often thrown off-balance by something non-traditional but don’t let this deter you from using fashion and style as a true manifestation of your personality.
  • HOW YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY: It is advisable that you save as much as you earn but whatever you decide to do with your money is entirely up to you. You really do not need totally unsolicited advice on how you should or should not spend the money you actually earned.
  • YOUR CAREER DECISIONS: You do not need to explain your chosen career path as long as you are totally comfortable with your decisions. It is uour decision as to what career you want
  • WHEN AND IF YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED OR HAVE BABIES: Let’s be honest, the majority of Nigeria is still quite traditional when it comes to things like this. I know sometimes it’s difficult, but you don’t have to explain your life choices. If you choose to get married, that’s your decision. If you choose to not get married, that’s yours too.
  • WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: As long as you remain on the moral and legal side of happiness, then whatever it is is no one else’s business.


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