Do You Know That Smoking Can Cause Infertility in Male?

Couldn’t believe it too until i saw it.

In both sex, smoking has been reportedly linked to an increased risk for many cancers sickness, some heart diseases, emphysema, and a numerous number of other health problems. … Mostly, secondhand smoke as researched can harm the female partner’s fertility also. When he smokes, it  will not only decreases his health. It also decreases her being fertile.

Both men and women who smoke takes very long to get pregnant than the non-smokers. Second-hand smoke as we have said, is almost as damaging as smoking cigarette. So,every  women who are exposed to second-hand smoke would take longer to conceive than those who are not. All the chemicals in cigarettes can cause much damage to many eggs and sp.rm which would then affects a future child’s health.

These are what smoking affects:

  • the DNA (genetic material) in every eggs and sp.rm
  • It also affects both sexes hormone production
  • It will hinder the fertilized egg’s ability to reach the uterus
  • the particular environment inside the uterus, where all the baby grows.

Male fertility is a rather complex process and for a male to get a fertile female pregnant, the following things need to be in place

The body has to produce healthy sp..m.

Sp..m has to be carried into the

There has to be enough sp..m in the
Sp..m must be functional and be able to move.

All infertility in men which is refer to as male’s inability to produce pregnancy in a fertile female and this accounts for about 50% of infertility. This is contrary to most people’s beliefs in Nigeria who think that infertility is mainly as a result of issues in the woman.


Even though the harmful effects of cigarette smoking on health, in general, are well known to many people, it is quite shocking to see that a lot of people still smoke. There have been controversies about the effect that smoking cigarettes have on sperm parameters and ultimately male fertility and quite a number of studies have been carried out as well.

It has been discovered that the toxins contained in cigarette smoking not only have a negative effect on the lungs but also the reproductive system. A study was carried out across Europe in 2016 on about 5,000 men and the study found that smoking was associated with a decreased sp..m count, decreased sp..m motility (that’s how sp..m swim), and poor sp..m morphology (how sp..m are shaped).

Smoking damages sp..m and make them less likely to fertilize eggs and also making the embryos they do manage to create less likely to survive. In addition, male smoking is also associated with decreased IVF ( a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sp..m outside the body) success rates and possibly increased miscarriage rates.

Also, the secondhand smoke can harm the fertility of the woman as well because studies have shown a possible decline in female fertility when women are exposed to secondhand smoke.

Although smoking is not the only factor responsible for male infertility, it is advised that couples experiencing infertility or seeking treatment for fertility issues quit smoking to improve their chances of having children.


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