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Do you have difficulty saying No? We just found different ways to help you do that

Saying No can sometimes be a legit problem for some people. They are the reason for this post.

Do you have difficulty saying No? We just found different ways to help you do that

Okay, some people know how to say No with their straight face on lock-down and are not sorry about it while some people do not even know how to go about it because they do not want to hurt feelings, be seen as rude or be taken for a mean person.

Truth is, you cannot be available for everyone and you should know how to deal with it.

We will give you are a few ways in which you can say No and still be polite, not hurt feelings and be taken as a generally nice person.

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  • LET ME THINK ABOUT IT: If you are not sure what your calendar is and if you can fit the person in comfortably, the best thing to do is tell them you will think about it. Make sure you give them a time-frame in which you will get back to them and make sure you work towards it. If you cannot, send them a text or a DM telling them.
  • HERE IS WHAT WILL WORK FOR ME: Instead of outrightly saying No especially if you want to help, give them a breakdown of what is comfortable with you. If they cannot work with that, then they will be the one that will step down and save you the stress of saying No.
  • CAN I GET BACK TO YOU: This is key. Even if you have an open schedule at the time you are been asked, the best thing for you is to ask them if they can get back to you. What this does is it helps you think about the request and if it is something you really want to d. If it is not, you can get back to them telling them that you can’t. Please do not cultivate the habit of keeping quiet.
  • THIS OR THAT DOES NOT WORK FOR ME: If you are really scared to utter the words No, then this should work for you. Telling them that it does not work for you puts you on a comfortable fence and allows them to shift or put their schedule to make it convenient for you or they leave it.
  • I APPRECIATE YOU ASKING BUT I CANNOT: This lets them know that you are really flattered that they think of you for the specific thing, job or role and at the same thing lets them know that you are not open to or for it. It is a Win for you because you do not have to utter the word No, which triggers you.
  • OH, I WISH I COULD: Remember that phrase, If wishes where horses beggars will ride? Aha.  Instead of outrightly saying No, tell them that you wish but you cannot. They will interpret it as No while you are safe from saying the word itself.


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