Do You Get Neglected Most of The Time? See The 7 Common Reasons Why People Ignore You

Have you ever felt you were cool with someone and all of a sudden the person starts ignoring you? It can be a very horrible feeling. You start wondering what you did wrong and you may even start blaming yourself. Sometimes people may stop liking you for no reason at all.

However, there are good reasons why people may start keeping their distance from you. Here are some below

You’re Too Needy

People will tend to avoid you if you seem unable to stand on your own and are too reliant on them. If you’re always the one contacting them and not the other way round, then you might be increasing the chances of them ignoring you. So, if you notice that you’ve been too needy around people, then try to give them some space. Don’t always be the one going after them; let them come after you too.

You Always Criticise 

No one likes to be around someone who only knows how to criticise and never gives compliments or appreciates others. If your views and opinions are always negative, then people may tend to avoid you like a plague. Try to study the people and environment around you before you make certain comments and give off positive vibes by appreciating and complimenting others.

You Are A People-Pleaser

It is very noticeable when someone is trying to hard to be liked by others. People don’t like to be around this kind of person because they don’t appear to be comfortable with themselves. This kind of people form their opinions from what other people believe, hence they appear to be fake. So be yourself and don’t try to hard to impress people.

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You Are Never Wrong 

If someone constantly defends themselves and never takes the blame for their wrong doings, then people will get tired of being around such a person. Your ability to take responsibility for your actions shows strength of character and proves to others that you’re able to listen to the,

You Are Too Intense

It is good to be passionate about things and have solid opinions about life. However, if you’re too intense with your beliefs and are always argumentative, then you’ll only chase people away. It can get tiring when someone keeps hammering on the same thing over and over again. So, if this is the kind of person you are, try to reduce your intensity and know when to bring up your arguments.

You Love To Brag 

It is a good thing to brag about our accomplishments once in a while but when it is done excessively, it become repulsive and can leave the wrong impression. Acting like you’re better than others will only drive people away and bring you more enemies than friends.

You Don’t Contribute Much To our Friendships 

If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you’re the only one giving then you will know how annoying this can be. Relationships are supposed to be a two-way street. If you’re not contributing much to your relationships, then you’ll only drive others away from you. So, try to be more active and ensure that you’re contributing something to your relationships.


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