Do Tattoos Hurt Your Skin?

Some people think tattooing is fun while some totally go against it. Find out if it’ll hurt your skin


It is possible that you have often thought about what tattoo to make you, what size and with which artist, but before making one, you must take into account some considerations.

You must understand that this ink can be on your skin forever.

Beyond that, the skin is affected by the procedure. Here some of the annoyances that you will have during the process:

The bleeding of the skin will be inevitable because the needle that injects the ink must enter and leave the dermis an approximate of 50 to 3000 times per minute.
After the tattoo is completed, your skin will create a scab, just like when you break. This is produced by the natural plasma of the skin that solidifies. This layer fades with time.

You should be careful in case the skin where the drawing was made turns a bit green and painful, because it may have been infected.

In the time that the scab lasts, you will have itching and peeling. The recommendation is not to scratch, because you can hurt yourself and the ink may fall.
Not all bodies are the same; in some cases, the body could reject the ink. If this happens, the reaction will be as if you had an allergy.

After this process is done, you must have some care that will also define the quality of the design:


• It would be best if you prevented friction and air entertainment in the lesion, so you have to use plastic about two hours before removing it.
• For three weeks, you should wash the tattoo with warm water and neutral soap, three times a day. You should not scrub it.
• Have a healing ointment on hand to apply on the drawing.
• Apply gauze during the first 3 days to avoid the scab coming out.

Procedures with laser

During the artistic process, the skin is mistreated temporarily, so the recovery times of a tattoo are short.
As for the final result, sometimes it is not to our liking, so it is advisable to go with real experts in the art of tattooing. There are lots of specialized centers around not only in concealing tattoos, but also eliminating those that are no longer desired.

Diminish the intensity of a design on the skin, to place another improved tattoo, is a job that should be in specialized hands. That’s why we recommends a service of an expert in the field.

That work with different tattoo artists, who will be in charge of eliminating the necessary parts so that the new model adapts to their requirements.

Damage to the skin can be reduced with the fading treatment of an old art with the implementation of the laser. Only 3 to 5 sessions will be necessary before the previous one can be covered up.

We recommends leaving the area to rest, at least 6 weeks after the last laser application, to cover the area with another tattoo. This are the tips and what to face when getting a new tattoo for yourself or love ones.



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