Do not say we have never done anything for you as regards Fashion

Gentlemen this fashion post is for you


I swerrugod Gentlemen, I have been sent to save you and it seems like I will be doing it time and again until you are no longer in need of my saving abilities.

Roll your eyes, shake your head, do whatever, the truth is always bitter.

Bring out your jotters and pens, you need to take notes because I am not repeating this particular class again.

Gentlemen, shall we begin?

  • Sunglasses: I cannot overemphasize the need for sunglasses in this our city when the sun comes out to play and also let you know that wearing sunglasses makes you attractive and stylish. Having a good pair of sunglasses is important. Make sure you get one that is in sync with your face shape.
  • Wearing a fitted Suit: I should have put this first o. The best way to explain it is by simply saying wearing a well-fitted suit is like a gift from God. It makes you look like a boss and helps you look amazing. By wearing a Suit you can achieve an attractive style that makes you a pro and a suit with a dark colour makes you even more attractive.
  • Accessories: I see most Men’s don’t think about accessories but it is important to wear accessories because it brings detail to your style. Wearing rings, bracelets and Watches are not forbidden by the gods of fashion for Men so wear it.
  • Open Your 2 buttons: Please if you have plenty of chest hair, this is not for you and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. I see men who close their shirt all up to their necks even though they are not putting on a tie and they are not planning to choke themselves and I am wondering why. To save your life open 2 Up buttons of your shirt this also makes you more attractive and stylish.
  • Be Stylish: The secret to being stylish is this, learn the basics of men fashion and then improve as you go on.  Read online magazines, fashion pieces, look at images of stylish men, take notes and then apply them to you and your own style.
  • Show skin: This is me advising you on behalf of the women because we really love to see some skin, time and again. I did not say be naked o ehen. The simplest way of showing some  Skin is 1. Folding Sleeves 2. Open up 2 buttons of your Shirt.
  • Smile: The simplest way to look attractive is to smile. A smile can make so much difference.


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