DIY: Make Your Simple Beads in 7 Quick Steps

Being splendid and excellent is the thing that Nigerians love to do. We want to communicate with delightful colors and adornments. Bead making has turned into a famous workmanship, over the years ladies still love to attempt this. Sometime in the distant past, beads had a customary noteworthiness. There were distinctive ones for people, old and youthful, wedded and single, etc.

If you need to ace the strategy of bead making, you don’t need to pay a ton of cash to experience trainers. This article will give you the Nigerian bead making instructional exercises you need to have to end up a genuine expert! There are different kinds of beads: gem lined, shading lined, metallic, lustred, matte, rainbow, gold lined, real transparent and a host of others. You can pick whatever you like based upon your taste.

This Bead making instructional exercises is for starters who want to know what it takes to start out. In case you have ever been to a Jewelry stores and see where those pleasant looking beads are shown alongside other magnificence items in show glasses, you may almost certainly be lead to pondering of which Western nation they have been imported from. Ask of their costs and you would be taken further aback at how much each very much created bead goes for, what is most surprising is that the beads were really made locally by women like you who saw the brilliant chance and snatched it.

It is advisable to begin with an easy to make Nigerian bead. You will discover the steps for how to make a colored arm ornament with bead strings below. Any sort of bead will be ideal for this. You can choose any color that you like.

You will require the followings materials:

7 8mm Glass Pearls; 1 Lobster Claw Clasp; 150 Cms 0.38mm Tiger Tail Wire; 1 Side Cutting Pliers; 28 6mm Bicone Glass Beads; 2 Crimp Beads; 1 Wire Cutter Pliers; 1 Round Nose Pliers; 1 Gram 3mm Round Seed Beads.


1. Cut a length of 0.38mm tiger tail wire to around 150cm. Slide the catch and attach at the middle by using a crimp bead.

2. Include one 3mm seed globule for every wire. Cross through another then to make the primary beaded loop.

3. Include one 6mm bicone glass bead and four 3mm seed bead. At that point, bring the wire back through the main seed bead to make a seed bead circle.

4. Cross the two wires through one 8mm glass pearl and make two 4-seed bead circle.

5. Place one 6mm bicone glass bead per wire. Next, cross through another 3mm seed bead and then Rehash from step 2 through step 6 for a few times until get an ideal length for arm jewelery.

6. Gather two wire ends, string one crimp bead, go through the other jumping on clasp. Draw the wire cozily and after that press the crimp bead with the aid of a plier.

7. Weave the wires in reverse to tuck the wires that is in excess or rather cut the remaining wire if essential!

That’s it. Your are your way to bead making.


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