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Dishes Every Nigerian Should Have Tasted at Least Once

Are you sure you are a full blooded Nigerian if you have not tried any of these meals at least once?

Dishes Every Nigerian Should Have Tasted at Least Once

Nigeria has the highest number of diverse cultures and languages in Africa which means there is also a vast array of dishes originating from each of these cultures with its own unique taste and twists. In recent times these ‘local’ dishes have been culinary delights brought into the spotlight by Chefs either reinventing, combining recipes, or making the dishes the traditional way.

  1. Nigerian Jollof rice: Pay attention to the emphasis placed on the ‘Nigerian’ part of this Jollof rice, as this is to differentiate it from the Ghanaian one. We will not like to be caught in the middle of the online battle among African countries, called The Jollof Wars. We would just ask that you try this version before any other.

  2. Pepper soup: This soup is very spicy and should not be eaten by the faint at heart. AIthough the level of spiciness ranges from the mild to the eye-watering, air-gulping variety, Pepper soup can be eaten as a stand-alone dish or with yam or even rice. It is made from a variety of spices and fish, beef, goat meat or chicken chopped into bite-sized pieces.

  3. Masa: Masa is a sweet and sour rice cake from the northern part of Nigeria and predominantly eaten by the Hausa. It is eaten with either pumpkin soup or spiced groundnut powder.

  4. Afang soup and Eba: This is a staple of the Efik people in Cross-River and is made with afang and water leaf, pepper, snails and a host of other ingredients. The soup can be eaten with Eba, Pounded Yam or Semovita

  5. Moimoi: This is a bean meal that can be bought from street corners, particularly in the southwest of Nigeria. The beans are peeled and ground with pepper and onions, and then wrapped in leaves before bringing to a boil.

  6. Ewa agoyin: This dish is not an Original Nigerian dish as it is from Benin Republic by the Aganyin people. Ewa agoyin is specially prepared beans with its side kick which is the prepared stew it is eaten with. Ewa agoyin is usually eaten with agege bread.

  7. Ofe nsala and starch: Ofe nsala popularly known as white soup is a special meal eaten in the southeastern part of Nigeria. It is prepared by first making stock and then thickening the stock with mashed yam. It is eaten with fufu or starch

  8. Pounded Yam and Egusi: Egusi soup is popular in Western Africa and is made by thickening ground melon with other ingredients including Vegetables. The yam is pounded with a mortar and pestle and served hot.
  9. Akara:  This meal is a simple but delicious meal, made from ground bean paste, deep-fried in groundnut oil and called different names by different cultures. It can be eaten either as a snack or as an accompaniment to early morning pap.



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